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Jun 14 2013

Size does matter in space exploration: smaller might be way better


Small probes the size of a human hand or smaller could be a big help to planetary exploration. Moore’s Law and tightening budgets could team up to make that technological leap sooner rather than later. In particular, small probes packed with microelectronics and advanced software capable of learning on the alien spot might bring the …

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Oct 17 2012

Fascinating ideas on the history of Titan and Saturn


Look at Jupiter and you see a mini solar system right down to quasi-analogues of the planets, even a hint of scattered disk and Kuiper Belt objects. But look at Saturn and you see one large Jovian like moon, a hell of a lot of beat to shit frozen moonlets, and billions of icy shards.  The systems …

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Sep 13 2012

Jupiter takes one for the team

An amateur astronomer reported a fireball on Jupiter a few days ago. Sure enough, when footage was checked, here’s what they saw. Details at Space.com.