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Jul 14 2014

Candidate for state office donates zillion dollar fossil to creationists

Big Al

Not long ago a relatively complete Allosaurus skeleton was found in Colorado. It’s worth a lot of money and somehow ended up in the hands of a man named Michael Peroutka who donated it. To the Ken Ham’s Creationist Museum in Petersburg, KY. Guess what party he’s in?

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Oct 03 2012

That’s one weird lil dino


  Scientists in South Africa and Chicago have shed new light on a bizarre looking dino. Pegomastax sounds like the platypus of dinosaurs: a seeming jumble of characteristics from several clades:

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Jul 03 2012

New feathered dino is no Mesozoic ostrich


Another dino fossil, more evidence for feathers. Only this one is unique: it’s a megalosaur. A big non-avian therapod, and now we know it had feathers! Hindustan Times– Theropods are bipedal, mostly carnivorous dinosaurs. In recent years, scientists have discovered that many extinct theropods had feathers. But this feathering has only been found in theropods that are …

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Jun 28 2012

Maybe dinosaurs aren’t so cool after all

Most kids, and a few of us “older” kids, may think dinos are way cool. But a new study says no: they were hot, as in hot-blooded. And that may go for some of the larger ones:

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May 10 2012

Grats! A new wingnut zombie lie is born

Let’s follow the arc of just one wingnut whopper. It starts as a seed in the form of a flatly untrue headline by none other than Fox News shouting out ‘scientists say dinos farted themselves to extinction’. Ahem:

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Apr 04 2012

Big fuzzy feathery meat eaters roamed Liaoning, China, 125 million years ago


Most feathered dinos have been small, little meat eating raptors and bird-like flyers and gliders. But these guys are freaking huge:

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