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Apr 08 2014

Charles Murray speaks

Salon was supposed to have an interview with Charles Murray, notorious racist and conservative ass, but he backed down at the last minute, saying he didn’t think he’d get a fair shake from them. So Salon instead posted a series of quotes from Murray’s new book. He really should have gone with the interview. On …

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Apr 05 2014

Australians denying science!

I have been informed that the courts in Australia are making anti-biological rulings. This is horrible news. Now they are even making rulings on biology, and in a new case, informing us that they can also trump reality. Oh, my. We have just been informed by our enlightened justices that biology no longer exists, but …

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Mar 28 2014

Never read the youtube comments!

Unless, of course, it’s a dramatic reading. (Totally not safe for work, obviously.)

Mar 27 2014

It’s been a good day

I’ve spent a long day in a dark quiet room with a red pen in my hand slogging through a mountain of grading, but at least you got something significant accomplished — it only took you 8 hours to completely meet Karen Stollznow’s initial legal fees. Don’t stop now, keep on going! This ink-stained wretch …

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Mar 27 2014

Why does this video game suck?

The normal explanation would be that the graphics are clumsy and out of date, the character animation is creepily unhuman, the plot is inane, and the preachy moralizing and weird evangelism is off-putting. But to the people at Phoenix Interactive, who are having a hard time getting funding for a game called Bible Chronicles: The …

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Mar 19 2014

Watching Nate Silver squander his reputation

Nate Silver is putting together this journalism startup, and it’s already on the path to failure. I mentioned his oblivious sexism the other day, and now we learn the name of the ‘science’ writer he’s bringing to to cover the environment. Nate Silver’s highly anticipated data-driven news site FiveThirtyEight launched on Monday, with a controversial …

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Mar 17 2014

Ho hum Hovind

Kent Hovind sent me more of his antic raving email, but I’m bored now. You can read it below the fold if you really must.

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Mar 16 2014

Whatever happened to the ‘White Man March’?

I checked the major national news sites last night and this morning, expecting to see something. Nope, nothing. I expected at least a photo or two of tall, blonde, Aryan-looking guys in a parade with buxom Viking women and adorable tow-headed tots scampering behind, but no, all was silent. Aren’t these supposed to be the …

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Mar 15 2014

Weapons-grade projection

Wow. Some loon yelled at me on twitter that it’s progressives who are really the racists here, not conservatives, and to prove it, he sent me this mind-blowingly stupid article. It’s textbook projection: he lists a series of progressive issues, recites what we say is the reason, and then carefully explains what he claims is …

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Mar 04 2014

All gods sort of blur together, I guess


Sorry, gang. I thought this music video by Katy Perry was eminently forgettable pop, overproduced and not particularly interesting, but you get to see it anyway. In case you had too much taste to bother, Katy Perry plays an ancient Egyptian pharoah — you know, pyramids, stilted poses, animal-headed gods, etc. — who disintegrates a …

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