A hint for all politicians

OK, we all know you’re not a scientist. You might even be a college drop-out. You might have personal beliefs that are a little wacky. But when you’re running for office, any office, even the presidency, it is understood that you’re not going to micromanage every single detail, and one of the things we’re going to expect of you is that you’ll delegate responsibilities to qualified, intelligent underlings.

So when you’re asked a question like “Do you believe in evolution,” there is a good answer and a bad answer.

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Why Jon Stewart is the only news source worth listening to anymore

For all of his flaws, he’s one of those rare people in the media who is able to step back and provide an appropriate perspective. Here, he goes after the Brian Williams story, making the point that it is important for news sources to maintain their credibility…but then why are they going after this trivial Williams story and completely ignoring the major media lies that led to war?

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Scotty Walker, college dropout, has graduated from dumbass to actively evil

In a proposed change that cuts the Wisconsin university system to the bone, Walker also proposes removing every vestige of idealism from the state.

Gov. Scott Walker is once again at odds with his state’s public sector, this time for proposing massive budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin and attempting to remove references to "state needs" and improving "the human condition" from the school’s mission statement.

Walker’s proposed cuts would slash $150 million in funding from the UW system, roughly 13 percent of the school’s budget. Additionally, it would completely remove the "The Wisconsin Idea" from the UW mission statement, which prioritized extending educational resources to "every family in the state."

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OK, Wisconsin…why did you elect this Scott Walker dope?

Jacquelyn Gill responds to a stupid comment by Gov. Scott Walker. He has a ‘solution’ to the state budget crisis.

Last week, you told professors at the University of Wisconsin that they needed to “work harder.” You were making a case that the Wisconsin state budget crisis could be ameliorated by increasing employee efficiency, and you suggested having faculty teach at least one more class. I’m not going to talk about whether or not the budget crisis is manufactured (some have argued it could be solved by accepting federal funds for the state’s Badger Care health program), or whether your real goal is really partisan politics, and not fiscal responsibility.

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