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Jul 07 2014

Godless baseball

It’s that time again — for the third year in a row, Minnesota Atheists have adopted the Mr Paul Aints for their regular conference. Come out on Friday, 11 July to watch the game, eat hot dogs, drink beer, and shake your fist at the gods, and then join us on Saturday for the conference. …

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Jul 03 2014

So that’s what #SkepChickCon is all about


Jul 02 2014

Getting ready to leave for #cvg2014

Expect updates to be more sporadic than usual around here — I’m off to Convergence for four days of happy chaos. By the way, I just noticed that Amanda Marcotte will be attending — you’re really missing a maelstrom of godless, science-packed, feminist-fueled wildness if you aren’t coming. Party on, dudes & dudettes.

Jun 29 2014

Big party this week in Bloomington


You all know by now that #cvg2014 is happening, starting this Thursday in Bloomington. You also have to know that FreethoughtBlogs sponsors a party room, and we’ll be there from 8pm to 1am every night of the con, serving up refreshments and conversation and maybe even playing a few games. Follow the signs at the …

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Jun 28 2014

Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group Inaugural Meeting | Center for Inquiry

This just isn’t fair. The east coast has Women in Secularism in the spring, and now the west coast has LAWAAG every month. Join us for the inaugural meeting of The Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group! LAWAAG was formed by multi-media artist Amy Davis Roth with the goal of fostering a safe and supportive …

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Jun 25 2014

Convergence is coming

Everyone is announcing their schedule at Convergence: there’s the whole dang SkepChickCon schedule, Jason Thibeault and Brianne Bilyeu of FtB have produced theirs, and Dr Rubidium is doing a bunch of panels (wait…they let chemists in?). So I guess I’ll mention what I’ll be up to. We have a little family affair every year in …

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Jun 24 2014

Get used to it

My daughter is off to ACL 2014 (if you see her, say hello), and has discovered that some people are complaining that the main web site for the meeting features an anti-harassment policy. Why this disturbs some people is a mystery to me: if you aren’t harassing anyone, it won’t come into play; if you’re …

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Jun 23 2014

No, not evolutionary biology, too!

We’ve heard so much about bad behavior at conferences, and how sexist attitudes can suppress the contributions of women. And it doesn’t seem to matter what the conference is about: tech, gaming, atheism, skepticism, philosophy, you name it. Now Prof-Like Substance describes the scene at evolutionary biology conferences, explaining how many women are hesitant to …

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Jun 18 2014

Talk to us about what you would like to talk about


FtBCon is coming on 22-24 August, and this is your chance: we are taking proposals for talks and panels. Anything goes. You’ve got some subject you’d like to get in front of a camera and tell the world? You’ve got a group of people with a shared message you’d like to promote? You’ve got an …

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Jun 17 2014


The Atheist Community of Austin is promoting their Bat Cruise 2014, with Richard Carrier and Chris Johnson. I was there last year, and it was excellent — the bats were spectacular, even if the speaker was just OK. Go for the bats!

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