Did you know there’s a Skepticon livestream?

There is! The conference livestream is on YouTube.

I’m up at 10am Central time. You might want to wait until 11 to get to the good stuff.


  1. StevoR says

    No I didn’t know that and now I do.Thanks. Now to work out what that is in South Aussie time..

  2. alanuk says

    Multiply by 5 and divide by 9 and take away 32, or is it the other way around? Try Google.

  3. billseymour says

    I wish I’d known that before I headed to Union Station.

    I really wanted to hear your talk, but there’s now no way to get from the parking lot to the hotel except by walking up 18th Street to Market Street and into the hotel’s front door.  This old back won’t let me walk that far anymore, so I turned around and went home.  Maybe there’s a closer entrance to the convention center, but I didn’t think to ask.

    I’ll probably watch the live stream of tha panel at 1:00.  I hope a video of your talk will be posted later.

    alanuk:  if you’re converting temperatures instead of time, then take away 32 first to get from Farenheit to Celsius.  Converting civil times is easier, but you have to know which time zones you’re comparing.  St. Louis is currently observing US central daylight time (CDT), UTC−5:00.  There are several time zones in Australia, and not all of them have offsets from UTC that are integral multiples of one hour.  South Australia for example, which StevoR mentioned, is currently observing Australia central standard time (ACST), UTC+9:30.  Was that more than you wanted to know? 8-)

  4. billseymour says

    I can’t connect to skepticon.org at all.  Maybe the live stream is taking up all their bandwidth.

    The link in your post takes me to a Skepticon page at YouTube, but not to any video feed.  When I click on YouTube’s link to Skepticon 14 Live Feed, it get yesterday night’s talk.

  5. Mary Clancy says

    Same here, billseymour. I wonder what’s going on. Anyone find a working link?

  6. says

    I’ll talk to people here & find out what’s up.

    Bill, I know the feeling. I got here yesterday, parked in the giant lot, walked up to Union Station… and found out there was no connection from the giant complex to the hotel. Had to walk around the block hauling our luggage to find an entrance.

  7. billseymour says

    I hosted a meeting of the ISO standards committee for the C programming language at Union Station back in October of 2014.  This was way before they built the aquarium; but even back then, the only way to the convention center, if you didn’t already have a room key, was through the front door of the hotel.  They claimed that that was to keep homeless people from stealing our refreshments.  Or something.

    Lots of folks are actually afraid to go downtown for some reason.  Until I retired on the first of last month, my cubicle was on the second floor of the main post office, the building just across 18th Street.  I would often have lunch at one of the fast food places in Union Station, and I never had any problems.

  8. imback says

    I watched PZ’s talk. It was excellent! Thank you!
    In the question about good authors, PZ mentioned Adam Rutherford, who I really like, and Carl Zimmer, particularly She Has Her Mother’s Laugh, which was great, but Zimmer has an even more recent book called Life’s Edge, where in the first chapter he takes apart the anti-abortion arguments that they know when a person starts existing.

  9. says

    There are no fast food places in Union Station, or seemingly anywhere nearby! It’s all fairly upscale stuff.

    We walked all around the area, and are about to order delivery. Sandwiches or something.

  10. billseymour says

    There are no fast food places in Union Station …

    Oh dear, that’s too bad.

    I saw Landry’s Seafood, outside but still under the trainshed, when I was walking in this morning, so I guess that’s still in business.  I’ve eaten there and thought it was pretty good.

    A couple of places that might not be in business anymore:  the Drury Inn, across 20th Street and about a block south, once had a pretty good Italian restaurant called Lombardo’s Trattoria; and Maggie O’Brien’s, advertised as an Irish pub, is just across 20th on Market Street.  Google maps still shows Lombardo’s Trattoria, but it says that Maggie O’Brien’s is temporarily closed.

    imback:  thank’s for posting the video.  I’ll check it out tomorrow.