We won’t be missing Michele

Bachmann is out of office, fleeing political life one step ahead of being caught out in her ethics violations. But she’s still happy to lie for her cause, and brag about defeating liberals.

Well, telling the truth bothers them, Bachmann said. They don’t like to have the truth told about them, and that’s really what it is. I didn’t fear the left. I decided to take them on in the arena of ideas by attacking their false premises and their false narratives.

Bachmann told World Net Daily, which referred to her as a GOP legend in the headline, that she had become a media target because she had basically outsmarted her liberal foes.

That’s the best way to defeat them, by the way — defeat them with evidence and defeat them with their false premises, and I did that, she said.

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I’m not even interested in seeing the damned movie

North Korea blusters, and apparently hacks into Sony Corp. and extorts them into holding up a dumb movie that blasphemes the sacred Kim Jon Un. Guess who the conservatives are blaming for, I don’t know, America’s cowardice, or craven Jewish Hollywood, or something — anything but a badly run capitalist institution? Liberals. It’s all about the standard trope, that liberals are the ones caving before the Commie threat.

Roy Edroso responds to that nonsense.

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Oh, so that’s the difference

Perhaps you’ve wondered what the difference between atheism and secular humanism might be. That renowned expert on ethical secularism, Rafael Cruz, father of Ted, explains it all in one simple slide.

 Without hope Sexual abuse Immorality Devalues life Situational ethics No moral absolutes Governed by instincts ↑ Atheism Communism Socialism A life of dependency Social justice Liberation theology Social Gospel You are your own god ↑ Secular Humanism

Without hope
Sexual abuse
Devalues life
Situational ethics
No moral absolutes
Governed by instincts


A life of dependency
Social justice
Liberation theology
Social Gospel
You are your own god

Secular Humanism

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FtB Minneapolis gathering

Ed Brayton is going to be in Minneapolis for the Sunday solstice event with Minnesota Atheists this weekend, and he gets in on Saturday. If you don’t have tickets to the Winter Solstice dinner (it’s sold out!), you can still join us Saturday night at the Radisson Blu Minneapolis, in the hotel bar at 8 to whenever. I’ll be there, so will Brianne, Stephanie, Jason, and of course, some guy named Ed. Come on by for casual conversation. Maybe Ed will tell us some jokes, too.

That’s this Saturday, the 20th, 8:00pm, at 35 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402. I’ll have my grading done by then, so I might even be coherent and semi-human!

You know what other group is rife with douchebaggery?

Airline pilots. I was surprised.

Quartz ran an article in which an investigator discovered that pilots were often using prohibited equipment to take photos of the cockpit, the scenery, the view as they were landing, all actions which are prohibited by the airlines. Just as we passengers get told there are certain gadgets we have to shut off or put in airplane mode during phases of the flight, the crew has even more stringent requirements — they’re, for instance, required to maintain a “sterile cockpit” with no electronic distractions at all during take-off and landing.

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Egnor babbles some more

Michael Egnor has replied to my dismissal of his claims that memories can’t be stored in the brain with a curiously titled post, Understanding Memories: Lovely Metaphors Belong in Songs, Not Science. I was a bit confused, at first…I don’t recall using any song lyrics or poetic metaphors in my post on the subject, but then as I read his post, a light dawned. He’s talking about himself.

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A local poll, created by me

You can’t imagine how much I hate the loud, cheesy, obnoxiously sectarian chimes that ring in the cemetary near my house — they’re so loud that we have to close up all the windows in my house all summer long, unless we really want to listen to hymns every 15 minutes. They were briefly shut off for a while last year when someone cut the cables — really, I’m not the only one who hates them — and that ass, Ted Storck, who had them installed and lives nowhere near them had them repaired, and then wrote to accuse me of having done it.

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False positives matter

Here’s why it’s a good idea for everyone to understand a little basic statistics.

Stacie Chapman’s heart skipped when she answered the phone at home and her doctor — rather than a nurse — was on the line. More worrisome was the doctor’s gentle tone as she asked, “Where are you?”

On that spring day in 2013, Dr. Jayme Sloan had bad news for Chapman, who was nearly three months pregnant. Her unborn child had tested positive for Edwards syndrome, a genetic condition associated with severe birth defects. If her baby — a boy, the screening test had shown — was born alive, he probably would not live long.

Sloan explained that the test — MaterniT21 PLUS — has a 99 percent detection rate. Though Sloan offered additional testing to confirm the result, a distraught Chapman said she wanted to terminate the pregnancy immediately.

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