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Jun 18 2014

Get Out Of My Head, Randall Munroe!

(Title text: “And then whisper ‘anapest’ in my ear as you hold me?”) Source–XKCD, of course. How many of my readers will not just get the joke, but can name the appropriate feet? No googling!

Feb 22 2013

We’re All Gonna Die!

We’re all gonna die! We’re all gonna die! And it’s only a matter of time. We’ll live on in memory, and then not at all (and it’s not any better in rhyme) The meek and the mighty, the great and the small Will be gone. So the message is clear: Since you won’t be immortal, …

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Jan 25 2013

At The Dalai Lama’s Science Conference…

They’re analyzing consciousness By means of introspection And none of them have noticed that They’ve looked the wrong direction. The Dalai Lama saw the moon Was not lit from within He shared his observation (To his tutors’ great chagrin) Tibetan thought did not survive Objective observation The moon was not a lantern— That was just …

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Sep 19 2012

Feathered Dinosaurs Are Cool, Take 2

Raptors In The Grass

My favorite part of XKCD’s gorgeous “Click And Drag”: I can just see the one on the right, thinking “Feathered dinosaurs are cool…” What’s your favorite bit? WARNING: clicking (and dragging) on “Click And Drag” can be habit forming. Or it might just suck you into an inescapable time-suck. Proceed at your own risk!

Dec 22 2008


Ah… XKCD has done it again! (and of course my formatting screws it up–click image for the full comic!) A cuttlefish learns, so amazing quickly,And oh so incredibly much—We’ve figured out chemistry, quantum mechanics,Biology, Physics, and such;We could, if we chose to, go traipsing through wormholesTo galaxies light-years away;But frankly, there’s something more baffling to …

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May 05 2008

A Blood-Curdling Cautionary Tale Of Science Run Amok

Genetically, of course, a sporkIs half a spoon, and half a forkA laboratory in New YorkCreated them, then popped the cork. Please, gentle reader, do not swoon,But there was also, once, a foon(That’s half a fork, and half a spoon)Created, sadly, all too soon. In cutlery, one tempts the FatesWhen artificially, one matesUtensils from across …

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Apr 21 2008

I just love XKCD!

I want to make peace with my laptop computer;I think that its feelings were hurt.It read what I wrote–at least, that’s what I figure;Since then, it’s been rather more curt.It’s dialogue boxes are monosyllabic,I swear it’s beginning to pout.Now I’m thinking that, maybe, it’s bored in that box,So I’m working on letting it out. I …

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