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Nov 15 2013

Get Over It!

There are people doing something, which they seemingly enjoy, But a different thing than I would like to do I could celebrate our differences… or note how they annoy, Demonstrating I’m superior to you You’re a runner, with a logo on your car or on your shirt? What a narcissistic way of showing off! You’re …

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Nov 14 2013

“Day Of The Doctor” Prequel

For the Whovians among us. Link, for those for whom embedding does not work.

Sep 01 2013

Oooh, Look! A Non-Atheist Manifesto!

My aggregator is having fun with me. It doesn’t often link to the Christian Post iPost section, but this one is special. TEN REASONS I’M NOT AN ATHEIST (AND NEVER WILL BE) Here it is, beloved folks! The world’s first ever non-atheist manifesto! Feel free to spread it online to as many people as you …

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Mar 09 2013

Where Are The Honest Atheists?

Where are the honest atheists? The ones who think life is so bleak? The ones who recall There’s no value at all And no ultimate purpose to seek? Where are the doomers and gloomers, Who have realized we’re here all alone? Who know life passes by All to soon, then you die, And that’s it …

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Dec 28 2012

Hunting The Gene For Evil

We’ve got the killer’s DNA And you know what that means— We’re going to look for evil In some broken set of genes We’re on a search for evil’s cause And here’s an added plus: We’re looking for an answer That will distance him from us. So, yeah, I’m behind the others on this (the …

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Dec 18 2012

No Atheists At Memorials For Children?

The Los Angeles Times is running an interesting opinion piece, tying the memorial for the Newtown victims with church-state separation issues (among other things). It’s worth reading, and worth commenting on. They 1) note the ecumenical nature of the service, 2) assert that a non-religious memorial would have been somehow incomplete and off-putting, and 3) …

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Oct 21 2012

“The Right Kind Of Christian” Goes Voting

“The right kind of Christian” is hard to define Except that his views are exactly like mine. He believes in the bible (the parts that he’s read— While the wrong kind of Christian reads others instead) The right kind of Christian will vote as I vote She’s certain which issues are issues of note. She …

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Oct 18 2012

A Friend In Need…

Go here and read this. In case you haven’t already. I’m Cuttlefish, and I approved this message.

Sep 18 2012

Do They Never Learn? Elmhurst, Meet Cranston.

We like to tell you “character counts” In big displays, and small amounts, With that in mind, I’m proud to announce The speaker for this year This speaker stood up for your rights In one of many legal fights; She’s one of freedom’s shining lights Oh, yes—and she’s your peer. A student, just like one …

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Aug 20 2012

Because I Am An Atheist

My contribution to Crommunist’s wonderful series, “Because I am an atheist”. Because I am an atheist The world is mine to fix. No god prevents the plunderers, The hypocrites, the dicks. No god rewards the good we do Or punishes the bad; No afterlife awaits us, Just the single life we’ve had. Because I am …

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