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Sep 12 2012

Stoning Atheists At Penn State

If you’ve ever seen an atheist, And wished you could have simply chucked a stone You’re not alone If it nearly feels reflexive, like The rock was waiting, wanting to be thrown Well, that’s well-known If your holy book commands it Or your sense of self demands it You can send a stone in transit …

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Sep 09 2012

Just Another Religion?

We gather together each Sunday With people who share our beliefs We’ve been waiting all week for this one day And we’re all gonna cheer for the Chiefs. Or the Lions, or Packers, or Ravens Or the Titans, or Jaguars, or Jets And we turn to statistical mavens Who advise us on placing our bets …

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Jun 27 2012

“The General Population Of East London *Is* Excluded” (guest poem by Embertine)

From commenter Embertine, the story of a cock-up of Olympic proportions. Perspective is everything; from across the pond, I have not been privy to what has been happening in London for the games. Embertine has, and expresses it beautifully:

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Jun 25 2012

Major Blogger, Minor Story

The media disparity Is mostly due to rarity— It’s “man bites dog” for headlines, but it’s “dog bites man”, page four. And the “major blogger” narrative? An ill-advised comparative; It’s missing its criteria—but truth is such a bore…

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Jun 18 2012

Poison In The Water

There was poison in the water And it wasn’t fit to drink; So we got ourselves together And we had a little think…

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May 09 2012

Let’s Have A Moment Of Silence…

…for the “moment of silence”. A moment of silence, a moment of prayer, A moment of nothing, a bit of dead air Just sit on your asses to show that you care That’s all that we ask you to do. No need to give money, or effort, or blood, Just hush now, responding to fire …

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May 07 2012

We Only Should Search Whom We Ought

For my money, one of the most powerful songs in all of musical theatre, as short as it is, is South Pacific’s “You’ve got to be carefully taught”. It was deemed inappropriate, controversial, anti-American…but it was perfect. More, after the jump:

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Apr 11 2012

“God, Would You Please Smite The Following People…”

Suppose you ask a hired gun To wipe somebody out— Could you be held responsible? Of that there’s little doubt.

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Mar 20 2012

Dutch RCC Castrated Boys Who Reported Abuse By Priests

You say you’ve been molested; Your attacker is a priest— We’ll get you into treatment Till your nightmares have decreased We’ll speak your name to Jesus And we hope he hears our calls And if praying doesn’t do the trick… We’re cutting off your balls. infuriating stuff, after the jump:

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Mar 19 2012

Damn The Torpedoes!

I’m mapping a strategy; finding a way— Point B’s where I’m going; I’m starting at A. I may be traversing some tricky terrain; Without proper planning, the odds are I may Start running in circles, or struggling in vain So I’ll call it a frictionless plane I know what the point is I’m travelling to; …

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