At The Soup Kitchen…

We’re here to feed the hungry,
And the homeless, and the poor;
We want to help the helpless—
That’s what charity is for;
We’re giving aid to folks whose lives
Have gone from bad to worse…
And with every meal we package,
We’ll include a bible verse.

Our priority is helping
So we give you what you need
There are times, we know, a dinner
Is a welcome thing indeed!
So we’ve made a thick and hearty soup
To ladle into bowls…
We’re here to feed your bodies
Oh, and maybe, save your souls

Though we know that you’re in trouble
Still, we’d never try to cheat—
Yes, you’d listen to a sermon
For a decent bite to eat
But our charity is focused
On your hunger, not your heart…
If we serve the Holy Bible,
Then we do it a la carte.

Since we’re focusing on feeding,
You can tell we’re doing good
We won’t force some false conversion
Even though we know we could—
Not religious in the slightest,
Helping families in need…
But for atheists to help us? Why,
That’s nothing short of greed!

They would handicap our mission;
Why, it’s patently absurd!
It’s impossible to feed the poor
And not promote God’s word!
They would compromise our message:
“Only God is Love”—and so…
When they volunteered to help us
We were forced to tell them “No!”

Yeah, you’ve probably heard all about this, from Hemant, or JT, or Ed… so I’m not the first. But the people I want to link are the good folks at The Blaze. I mean, in this story, the people on the side of right are so clearly the atheists–how is your average Blaze reader to respond?

It’s a beautiful study in cognitive dissonance. Christians like us can’t be the baddies, so there are two options left, and they are ridden for all they are worth. These are not true Christians, you know, because reasons. Or… they were right to do this, because I wouldn’t want to eat food that an atheist touched, anyway (I did not make that one up). The atheists were only doing it for the publicity, anyway, and for the chance to spread their evil message… unlike the Christians, who were doing it for … all the right reasons, of course.

Hey, ’tis the season.


  1. says

    The Christians want a monopoly over the ideas or messages they give with the food. If they were sure of their own beliefs, they would not fear having atheists around. It’s very unChristian of them to push away people who want to help their fellow man.

    Is this a contest for the hearts and minds of people whose stomachs they fill? Will they refuse to feed poor people who are not interested in Christian propaganda? What a sad state of affairs when Christians reject the commandment to love one another. Shame on them. They are setting a disgraceful example for human relationships. They are doing lousy PR for their “faith”.

  2. says

    Comment: Part of the mission is not only to feed bodies, but to feed and renew the spirit you CANNOT do that with a team of atheists. Its not as if these folks want to help and learn. They are not seeking God they are hardened declared enemies of God.

    We are? I did not know this! Oh crap, did I miss boot camp!?

  3. says

    This is a “mission,” in the sense of missionary. The whole point is to prey on desperate people and coerce them into buying whatever snake oil the church is selling. Any humanitarian benefit is purely coincidental and irrelevant to the primary purpose.

    As they so eloquently demonstrated.

  4. Scott F says

    From one of the comments:

    why would the atheists make it a point to solicit help from a Christian organization when there are so many others that can help? seems that they did it for attention

    It seems that this person has difficulty reading for comprehension. The atheists were not soliciting help from a Christian organization. They volunteering assistance to the Christian organization.

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