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Feb 17 2014

Natural Experiment On Gun Availability

If you give the people weapons, is this good or is it bad? I suppose it all depends upon their aims Up to now, there’ve been no data, so the arguments we’ve had All rely on someone’s a priori claims “But of course we’d be much safer if most everyone was armed!— Cos the criminals …

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Feb 15 2014

A Heart-Felt Love Ode To Antonin Scalia

It must be depressing, to be a Scalia, To see your words twisted in so many ways To see your dissent—Windsor’s warning—adorning The arguments cited in favor of gays! Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky—how lucky The activists were, that you wrote your dissent! Your snarking in Windsor turned, now, to a how-to; They probably know that it’s …

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Dec 11 2013

Missing From The Picture

The argument was lengthy; It was fervid; it was strong; Both participants were certain That the other one was wrong: Was the object of contention A potential, or a child? Just a maybe, or a baby With a list of rights compiled? Is it murder of an innocent When choosing to abort? The argument was …

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Dec 10 2013

Nonhuman Rights On Trial

An octopus solves puzzles; A chimpanzee can add An elephant expresses When it’s happy or it’s sad A finch that’s after grub-worms Uses twigs and thorns as tools We thought them foolish animals They showed us we’re the fools A honeybee has language, and A cunning corvid plans— Though different in important ways From those …

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Nov 13 2013

At The Soup Kitchen…

We’re here to feed the hungry, And the homeless, and the poor; We want to help the helpless— That’s what charity is for; We’re giving aid to folks whose lives Have gone from bad to worse… And with every meal we package, We’ll include a bible verse. Our priority is helping So we give you …

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Sep 19 2013

Finally, A Pick-up Guide That Works!

“How to pick up women (with science)“, by Dean Burnett, over at the Guardian. Since the dawn of humanity, when virile men were knuckle-dragging troglodytes untouched by evolution They needed to pick up women, and looked to experts for a solution These pick-up artists (or in some special cases, artistes) Took pity on the manly …

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Sep 08 2013

Respect vs Seduction

So, Ophelia writes of an embarrassingly horrible bit of “advice” from askmen.com, which I really had a hard time believing was not satire–honestly, I kept scrolling to the bottom of the page, expecting then to write a deconstruction, a “can you believe anyone would suggest this?” addendum to the column. It was as if the …

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Sep 04 2013

Time To Bring Back Public Whippings! (Or, Maybe, Not)

We’re pampering our prisoners We’re treating them like guests Instead of just ignoring them We honor their requests Free food, a bed, and exercise, We cater to their needs When what they’ve earned is punishment It’s harshness that succeeds No coddling them with training, Cos they’ll never get a job No need for education, Cos …

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Aug 25 2013

Everything Old Is New Again (Or, Sex With Robots)

As predictable as clockwork, Or some finely crafted gears— We forget about the last one So the latest one appears It’s designed to gather eyeballs Both to titillate and vex— It’s an article (with pictures) Probing human-robot sex Yup… this time, it’s the BBC with “Will we ever want to have sex with robots?“. In …

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Aug 22 2013

The Pronoun Game

The media say Bradley Manning, today Has decided he’s making a change He’s making a stand With his latest demand But reactions have been a bit… strange. Cos as far as I see, It’s all “Bradley” and “he” Like the networks are sharing one plan But it’s Chelsea, you see, (And the pronoun is “she”) …

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