Oh, Look At The Tree! I Can’t Breathe!

It’s Christmas in the city; they’re about to light the tree
It’s a magical occasion, just as far as we can see;
All the networks have their angles—it’s as festive as can be—
New York City in December, oh, such pride!

Folks are marching, folks are chanting, folks are caught up in the day
But the tree is not the focus—no, as near as I can say,
It’s not ornaments, but prejudice, that’s clearly on display
Damn, I miss the war on Christmas—no one died.

Yes, here I could link to a dozen different news sources and really ramp up my hits. But it just sickens me. I honestly expected a different result. I want to wash my hands until they are raw, rather than link to FOX, or even CNN. Sorry, but you are on your own.

Sorry, Eric. You deserved better.


  1. sumdum says

    According to the BBC the US justice department is launching a civil rights investigation, so I guess that’s something at least. But the rampant racism in the system is more and more on display lately.

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