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Jul 09 2014

“A Symbol Of National Unity”

I shouldn’t be shocked—hey, they’re only the news, They can say what they want with impunity— But it took me aback that they called a cathedral A “symbol of national unity”. It’s a beautiful building, I have to admit, (Darth Vader hides in the façade!) But it seems our one nation once deemed indivisible Separates …

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Feb 05 2013

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

They paved over Richard—that’s Richard the third The Richard that used to be King. Will I be remembered? The notion’s absurd! But who knows what the future might bring? Will the world of the future seek out where I rest? Will they quarry in search of my bones? Will they pore over details of things …

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Sep 19 2012

And Jesus Saith “Take My Wife, Please!”

The fragment of papyrus read: “And Jesus said, My Wife…” Which shocked those unaware of this Dimension of His life The fragment, though, is incomplete; It leaves the scholars vexed. I’ll ask my learned readers, then… What do you think comes next? So, yeah… via National Geographic… A fourth-century fragment of papyrus is making some …

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Jan 07 2008

Oh, rats!

From the fleas of rats and mousesTo a plague a’ both your houses,If we can’t blame sheep or horses, then we gotta blame the JewsWhen we found a small bacillus,Not a god, had tried to kill usIt’s the sort of information anyone can surely use!If you wish Yersinia pestisNot to kill you, our request isThat …

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