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Sep 10 2013

The Return Of The Praying Mom

The praying mom is back. For context, here’s the earlier story. Of course, some local Christians Want the praying mom to stay So they found a Christian lawyer And they argued she could pray Since the school administration Didn’t want a Christian riot, They decided she could pray each day As long as she stayed …

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Sep 06 2013

Fox News’s “The Five” Debate (ha!) The Pledge Lawsuit

I know, in this country, we’re free to praise God And we’re free to ignore those who don’t We’d be free to spread some of this freedom around But we’re also free not to… and won’t. Some people might claim that we’re doing it wrong— Why they’d say that, I cannot conceive— Those people have …

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Aug 23 2013

Sorry, California, But You Have To Pay The Atheist *Something*.

A godless drug offender who was serving his parole Was remanded to a program where they tried to save his soul He denies a god exists—a “higher power” is their phrase— So they threw him back in prison for another hundred days Now, this differential treatment was unlawful (also, rude) So the godless drug offender …

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Aug 19 2013

“If The First Amendment Means Anything…”

Can your town pray to Jesus? The courts will decide; A town in New York Has a case being tried At town council meetings (And maybe at schools) They argue “the Christian Majority rules” The supremes are the ones Who interpret the laws– So PLEASE… don’t neglect The establishment clause! I’ll stop here–I could go …

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Aug 01 2013

The Christian Post Just Doesn’t Understand

I have to keep praying Keep constantly praying My soul is at stake if I pause Each moment of silence Or prayer I’m not saying Is grist for the devil, because Each time when we eat And we don’t pray at dinner Thank god, we’re about to be fed It’s promoting the views Of the …

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Jul 30 2013

The Devil Went To Concord

The Devil went to Concord; He was there to raise some hell With Satanic clothes and music And with drugs and porn to sell He would fill young hearts with evil things Like envy, lust, and hate… He was climbing up the High School steps When something whispered, “Wait!” A mom was in the doorway, …

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Jun 21 2013

Conscientious Objection The Godless Way

Your conscience is that little voice Contributing to every choice For those who let their conscience be their guide The conscientious types report If you’re the conscientious sort You know that voice is coming from inside For those who know their morals’ source No Christian God, nor Jedi Force Is necessary target for our search …

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Jun 05 2013

Predictable Reaction To “Atheist Monument”

A Decalogue carved out of granite began it; Jehovah’s commandments on six tons of stone An atheist group then complained; they maintained The establishment clause says it can’t sit alone The lawyers advised “don’t take chances; your stance is ‘If one is allowed, well then, so are the rest’.” So, while maybe it wasn’t their …

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Feb 28 2013



So today at the store, I got back 60 cents in change. All well and good, but when I grabbed the quarters to put them in the pile for de-godding, I noticed that one of them looked a little different. “In [smudge] We Trust”, it read, unless my eyes deceived me. Yes! Now, I had …

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Feb 26 2013

Free Speech, Or Plot To Kill And Eat His Wife?

We see these rights as absolute— No state would dare restrict ‘em— We have not broken any law… Until there is a victim. We’re free to speak of fantasies Of murder, rage, or hate— We haven’t crossed the line, of course, Until… it is too late. Our whispered, dark conspiracies Are safely out of reach— …

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