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Jan 09 2014

Ken Ham Clearly Doesn’t Believe (I Hope)

So I was just out walking the cuttledogs, and it occurred to me that the whole notion of a Noah’s Ark Theme Park showed either an incredible lack of belief on the part of the planners, or a psychopathic lack of empathy. I mean, it’s a theme park. Think Disney. But it’s built around the …

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Jan 05 2014

Because. Just Because.

The American Dialect Society, which does this sort of thing, has voted that the 2013 Word of the Year is “Because”. Because reasons: Presiding at the Jan. 3 voting session were ADS Executive Secretary Allan Metcalf of MacMurray College, and Ben Zimmer, chair of the New Words Committee of the American Dialect Society and executive …

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Oct 25 2013

Lubbock Is Flat. Earth Is Not.

In Texas, a creationist once took a look around And he noticed that the world he saw was flat When you live your life in Lubbock, there are no hills to be found, And it’s Lubbock the creationist was at. And he looked around the grasslands, just as far as he could see, To the …

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Oct 13 2013

Ken Ham’s Good Advice For Atheists

No argument is needed, Just a simple, silent chorus; Ken Ham, in shilling “Answers” Made the atheist case for us. No message on our billboard— We can simply leave it blank— And we still come off the winners, And we’ve got Ken Ham to thank! Ham considers it a triumph— They’ve increased their views by …

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Sep 12 2013

Oh, Texas! Don’t Ever… Evolve.

The bible is my textbook; It’s the only one I need It’s got all the information That a person ought to read Any open-minded scientist Would certainly concede It’s a better book than Darwin’s is, by far! It’s the universe’s history— All several thousand years— And it shows how evolution’s Not as strong as it …

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Mar 14 2013

Well, Dammit.

I had quite a different post ready to share with you today. You see, I had very recently googled “cuttlefish” (yes, ego-surfing. Sue me.) and found that, miracle of miracles, I was listed ahead of Answers in Genesis. (For context, see this early post where I first noticed how high AiG is on the list …

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Jan 31 2013

To The Editor…

To the editors and readers: I am writing to respond to a letter from December; one that clearly went beyond any measure of civility in how it framed its views, so I’m writing in rebuttal, so the citizens can choose. Let me first list my credentials, and define my expertise, so you’ll know I’m not …

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Dec 11 2012

Vestigial Brains?

Strange. While following the trail back from the Bananaman song, I stumbled across a comment from over on Pharyngula in 2009 that I don’t think I have ever posted up on my own place (got busy writing Bananaman and forgot all about it): If we load up the creationists and put them on the moon, …

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Dec 09 2012

Billy Joel Takes On Ray Comfort

Ed tells us of Ray Comfort’s new series, in which he takes on prominent atheists. My title is a nod to Ed’s “Ray Comfort takes on Billy Joel”. The following was written a few years ago at the old place (click through for context), but it seems appropriate now. It’s an afternoon post on Pharyngula, …

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Oct 04 2011

Major Motion Picture Event

Over at Zingularity, reports of a new major motion picture event–a $150 million dollar retelling of the Noah’s Ark story. I do so hope they go with the “gritty realism” school of movies. If they do, I have the first draft–well, second, I guess, if the bible is the first draft–of their movie all set …

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