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May 17 2012

That’s A Lot Of Wind…

I wish I could have been there to hear. Via NPR, we hear that a new world record has been set–the greatest number of bagpipers to play together at once. More, after the jump:

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Feb 04 2009

The National Treasure Who Plays In The Park

There’s a piper who plays in the center of SofiaSongs from his country’s remarkable pastI sat on the curb and I listened, transported,So willingly under the spell that he cast I’d been told that the man was a national treasure,A world-class performer who played in the parkHe’s there every day, or at least very nearly,Performing …

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Dec 31 2008

The Year In Cities

I am not one to often do memes(It’s just so hard to rhyme them, it seems)But this one I’ll tryCos the year that’s gone byHas been better than even my dreams! So, Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles (love that dog!) propogates a meme: list the places where you spent at least one night in 2008 …

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