The Year In Cities

I am not one to often do memes
(It’s just so hard to rhyme them, it seems)
But this one I’ll try
Cos the year that’s gone by
Has been better than even my dreams!

So, Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles (love that dog!) propogates a meme: list the places where you spent at least one night in 2008 (other than home). Any other year, I would be too depressed at how short a list it was, to actually post it. This year?



Veliko Turnovo

New York City
Canastota, NY

Yeah, next year is gonna suck, but I have my memories… So, where did you go this year?


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    A lad from Veliko TurnovoHad a member the size of a VolvoAt each bend in the roadHe’d deliver his loadThen back up and ask her to turnovoA comely young miss from BourgasEpitomized virtue and classWith much eruditionShe’d try each positionExcept for engaging her assA gentleman from ThessalonikiAt the subject of sex got all panickyWhen a lass from OlympiaMade him go limp, he a–scended a tree like a monokeyA strapping and virile AthenianSought to scale the heights aphrodisianWhen the Sybil at DelphiAdvised “know thyself,” heBent double and then put his weenie in[Okay, I think that’s all I can handle. Anyone else? There’s ten cities left. I bet we can come up with a limerick for each place Cuttlefish has slept in.]

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    [Oh, all right. One more and then I’ll stop.]A fellow named CoriolanusAsked an old Greek where his brain is.”You’ll find your εγκέφαλοςIn Οὐρανόπολις –The city that’s named for Uranus.”

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    South Lake Tahoe, CA (several times – I would buy a cabin there if I could. I go up 20+ times a year and don’t spend the night, too)Stateline, NV (right across the border from South Lake Tahoe)Keystone, CO (3 nights)San Francisco, CA (3 nights)Red Bluff, CAChico, CALondon, England (one night at a hotel at Heathrow)and 12 days at my Aunt Hilary’s house in Torrington, England for my Grandad’s 100th birthday.More than I thought. The year before would have been more interesting when we toured England, Scotland and Wales. We were there for my Grandad’s 99th birthday. We are now VERY poor. Sorry, it doesn’t rhyme.

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    Oh dear holy hades…Rural West Australia:GeraldtonNarroginBroomeInterstate:Wagga WaggaMelbourneBrisbaneInternational:LondonNew YorkAtlantaSan FranciscoAucklandYes, all in one year. Yay! :)

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    No, I stayed in the more mundane Thistle Hotel. But there was a Stargate Convention going on, which made it pretty interesting.

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    BC, Canada:WhistlerSun Peaks villageKamloops (all for skiing)OsoyoosSavary IslandCopeland Islands Marine ParkChilliwack (these four were all camping trips)UK:YorkNewcastleEdinburghNot too shabby, really…

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