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Jan 10 2014

Giving Up Rhyming For A Year

I think, for the year, I will write in prose only; no rhyme and no meter, no scansion, no verse. Iambic pentameter? Perish the notion! We’ll see if my writing gets better… or worse. A year without sonnets, or ballads, or limericks; a year without couplets or bad villanelles; a year when my thoughts must …

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Jan 09 2014

Ken Ham Clearly Doesn’t Believe (I Hope)

So I was just out walking the cuttledogs, and it occurred to me that the whole notion of a Noah’s Ark Theme Park showed either an incredible lack of belief on the part of the planners, or a psychopathic lack of empathy. I mean, it’s a theme park. Think Disney. But it’s built around the …

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Jan 08 2014

Satanist, Atheist; Tomayto, Tomahto

The folks at Fox News have been hatin’ on Satan; The thought of him sickens their good Christian hearts A statue? in public? And Gretchen was retchin’, While all of her guests played their usual parts: “That statue’s offensive! It’s hateful! A state full Of Christians would never have voted it in! Majority rules—you don’t …

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Dec 30 2013

100 Percent Chance Of Genocide

They were happy, oh so happy, Gran and Grandpa’s letter read— Cos their grandson was their shining star (Though that was left unsaid) When they saw him in a play, this year, Although I thought, instead, That the subject matter seemed a little grim See, their church put on a musical— It featured all the …

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Dec 15 2013

What Would Peter Do? Denying Jesus For Political Gain

I hear the baby Jesus cried To hear His name so oft denied— The cross (for which we all give thanks) Is merely “intersecting planks”; The sacred scene, nativity? “A plastic Jewish family” That baby, in the manger’s hay? Without a nametag, who could say? La Jolla’s cross, so bright and tall? It’s not religious—not …

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Oct 30 2013

Wait–It’s JesusWeen Already?

Stack of pocket sized bibles

I hope you have your bibles, in a big stack by the door Cos tonight’s the night (it’s JesusWeen!) that’s what those books are for You can hand them to the costumed kids who plaintively implore “In the name of Christ the Savior, Trick or Treat” They’ll be dressed as saints and sinners as they …

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Oct 06 2013

Satanists Vandalize Church; Atheists Blamed

When, in Tennessee, there’s hatin’ There’s no time to waste in waitin’— Best to blame it all on Satan And the atheists as well Time to blame, for this infliction (Without thought of contradiction), Folks who think the devil fiction Likewise heaven; likewise hell. The graffiti was Satanic Which, of course, ignited panic (Could be …

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Sep 30 2013

International Blasphemy Day 2013

Today. In recognition of the day of publication of cartoons in Denmark that depicted Muhammed, September 30 has been named International Blasphemy Day. Blasphemy Day is important. Not for offending people, but for celebrating the right to speak without fear that such an offense can land you in jail, or worse. Political speech often offends …

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Sep 25 2013

It’s Like Getting A Letter Back From Santa Claus!

A letter arrived in my mailbox today From a special location so far, far away I dropped all my duties to read it, because The return label said it had come from “S. Claus” I had written to Santa, some long time ago, Addressed it and stamped it and walked through the snow The letter …

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Sep 15 2013

Dick Move, Jesus

I heard the TV preacher say, Without a trace of hate “When Jesus sees a tragedy He likes to show up late. He likes to wait till things have gone From bad to much, much worse, To demonstrate to everyone He runs the universe.” Disaster strikes, and people ask How bad it’s going to get— …

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