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Dec 28 2011

Teaching Naama

It isn’t that we’re horrible; it isn’t that we’re mean— That outfit that she’s wearing, though, we’ve noticed it’s obscene! It stimulates! It irritates! It positively rankles! A skirt so short that anyone can clearly see her ankles! An outfit so immodest, you can tell just what it’s for, So we’re only being honest when …

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Dec 27 2011

The Essay

What a brilliant exposition of the writer’s point of view! What an eloquent analysis, and so well written, too! So insightful and so polished, so well-worded and concise… Though an answer that related to our coursework would be nice.

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Dec 25 2011

Season’s Greetings

Happy Newton Day

(with sincere thanks to the good Doctor…)

Dec 24 2011

One Last Christmas Post

…Cos I completely forgot about this one. If you’re sick to death of Christmas verses and songs and stuff, don’t click. If you could stand one more, and can read sheet music, though, I wrote this one years ago, and last year a generous reader took my lousy attempt at sheet music, and made it …

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Dec 24 2011

It *Is* A Wonderful Life

I read it in the news, today, And thought it rather odd: “The world would be much better If we all believed in God” The heart of Christian charity Depends on our belief; It’s love of God that separates The giver from the thief Our movies and our novels serve To highlight this conviction; Though …

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Dec 23 2011

War On Christmas 2: Christmas Fights Back

Der Aufstand der Tannenbäume cuttlecap tip to commenter “inPhobos” at SailorTwain.

Dec 22 2011

The GOP’s Bright Shining Light Of Freedom

God bless the GOP. I hope you know me well enough to read that with the appropriate ironic tone. The GOP have allowed me my first chance to repeat a post written originally by me, not on the old blog but on this one! The “Gilding Our Past” party, faced with the effects of G.W. …

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Dec 22 2011

Hey! A New Book!

With me in it! How did I not write about this yet? The Young Australian Skeptics have put together a Skeptical Blog Anthology, which is now available–proceeds from sales go directly to the Young Australian Skeptics, which is only part of why you should buy several copies. The other reason is, well, the stuff between …

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Dec 21 2011

Assuming God Exists…

Let’s assume, for the moment, God loves us. Let’s assume, for the moment, He’s real. Let’s assume that He helps us fight Satan, And He answers our prayers when we kneel. Let’s assume that His power is infinite Let’s assume that we bask in His glow Let’s assume he’s beyond our perception… Then tell me… …

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Dec 20 2011

It’s A Miracle (Officially)!

The medical team was in a race Against some resistant bacteria; A colony found a young boy’s face To treat as their own cafeteria The miracle team investigates Against some religious criteria; The “promoter of justice” tries their fates As they battle with strep or listeria The desperate parents said their prayers As conditions grew …

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