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Mar 21 2014

Community standards


Another vile Facebook page that gets reported only for Facebook to reply that the page doesn’t violate community standards. Oh really? Despite the graphic photographs of mob violence? Trigger warning, because of the graphic photographs. The page is Uganda Youth Coalition Against Homosexuality.

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Feb 23 2014

What’s a little “not” between friends?

Jacques Rousseau points out how far Ugandan MPs will go in their efforts to persecute gay people. the ministerial task team advising the President on the bill “falsified the information contained in the report given by medical and psychological experts, twisting it to show that homosexuality should indeed be further criminalised“. Let’s follow that link, to …

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Nov 25 2012

Uganda is still pushing that bill

Jeff Sharlet said on Twitter a couple of hours ago that the New Yorker did bad, lazy journalism in reporting that Uganda had dropped the death penalty from its anti-gay bill. He said The Family had spoon-fed Peter Boyer that information and that he hadn’t checked it. He said they had another “prayer breakfast” just …

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