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Dec 11 2012

Come back a different person

So clearly the guilty verdict on Nechemya Weberman, unlicensed “therapist” to rebellious young girls, presents a problem for people who need to control rebellious young girls. What to do, what to do. Export them! Embarrassed by the sex abuse trial of a Hasidic counselor, leaders of Williamsburg’s pious Satmar sect are considering a different way to …

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Sep 29 2012


Right right right, I’m an “Islamophobe,” and criticizing Islam is punching down because Muslims are a despised group. (The second part is true, but the first part doesn’t follow. Punching Muslims is punching down, but punching Islam isn’t, because Islam itself is what punches down. Islam has huge, illegitmate power in many many parts of …

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Sep 15 2012

Another one

In Cairo, it’s reported that a mob attacked a Christian man, who was then arrested for being an atheist. An angry mob of Egyptians gathered around a Christian man’s home on Thursday evening, attacking the building and demanding the man be put to death for his beliefs. Police arrived as the mob grew in size, …

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Aug 27 2012

No joy

Life should be dull and empty and joyless, because god. No music, no dance, no play, no laughter, no frivolity, no flirting, no getting jiggy. No faces, no conversation, no friendship, no mingling, no color. No joy – because that’s the devil’s work. AFP reports: Taliban insurgents beheaded 17 civilians, including two women, who were …

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Aug 06 2012

People must accept that we will impose Sharia whether they like it or not

The Islamists in Mali aren’t bothering about winning hearts and minds. Hundreds of people protested their plan to chop off someone’s hand and a radio journalist was beaten up for urging the protesters on. “We don’t want to know what this young man did, but they are not going to cut his hand off in …

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Jun 20 2012

My useful advice

Career advice: don’t do anything book-related in Malaysia. They bust people for managing bookstores that distribute Irshad Manji’s book. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Borders bookstore manager in Malaysia has been charged with distributing a Canadian writer’s book that was banned as being against Islam. The government in the Muslim-majority country regularly bans books it considers …

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Jun 15 2012

Only you can help prevent bishops

CFI is also taking on the bishops, by defending birth control and telling Obama to do likewise. And we can help. HHS is allowing public comments on the new guidelines until Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Here’s how you can get involved: 1.   Visit www.regulations.gov. 2.   In the search field, type the following: CMS–9968–ANPRM. 3.   Scroll to …

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Jun 15 2012

CFI expresses outrage over the sentencing of Alexander Aan

The Center for Inquiry is organizing a protest outside the Indonesian embassy in DC next week. The protest is at the prison sentence handed down to Alexander Aan for expressing an opinion about religion. Alexander Aan did nothing more than exercise the most basic of human rights — the liberty to express his beliefs — …

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Jun 06 2012

Singing dancing sluts killed for singing and dancing

Well now I feel sick. Last week there were news reports that four women and two men in Pakistan had been sentenced to death for singing and dancing at a wedding. Yes that’s right; singing and dancing at a wedding. It’s fornication, you see, because they were mixed. Only they weren’t – the photographs and …

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May 12 2012

They hid behind masks & helmets while beating up ordinary people

Actually, that Jakarta Post account of the “protest” at Irshad Manji’s bookstore talk was a good deal too minimal. Manji gives a fuller account on (ironically) Twitter. Four years ago, I came to Indonesia and experienced a nation of tolerance, openness & pluralism. In my new book, I describe Indonesia as a model for the …

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