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Feb 22 2014

How much dog poop stirred into your cookie batter

Uh oh. A state-funded religious education program in Australia has been telling girls they’re sluts. Parents and teachers have called for an urgent overhaul of religious education in schools after year 6 children were given material claiming girls who wear revealing clothes are inviting sexual assault, and homosexuality, masturbation and sex before marriage are sinful. …

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Dec 10 2012

Almost all the missing students are female

A Turkish lawyer and women’s rights activist, Canan Arin, was arrested for mentioning the fact that girls get married off very young in Turkey. I was the co-founder of the Istanbul Bar Association, Women’s Rights Enforcement Centre and worked as a trainer there.  The Antalya Bar Association was opening a Women’s Rights Enforcement Centre and the …

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Nov 22 2012

For theological reasons

A member of the General Synod of the Church of England explains about the vote not to allow women bishops. The legislation we voted on needed to achieve two outcomes: the ordination of women to the episcopate; and sufficient provision for those who, for theological reasons, find this innovation unacceptable. For theological reasons – that’s …

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Nov 16 2012

The ERD part 2

The US Catholic bishops’ orders to Catholic health care providers. Page 20 still. 28. Each person or the person’s surrogate should have access to medical and moral information and counseling so as to be able to form his or her conscience. The free and informed health care decision of the person or the person’s surrogate …

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Oct 10 2012

Oh thank you so much Allah, you’re so kind

Okay maybe I’m being a big mean atheist poopy head, but honestly, I do wish people would stop thanking Allah for saving Malala’s life. Say what? If Allah saved her life, why the fuck didn’t Allah prevent her (and her schoolmates) from being shot in the first place? Why didn’t Allah cause the shooters to …

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Aug 29 2012

So that she will mend her ways

Małgorzata has sent me another gem - a lecture on tv by an Egyptian cleric explaining why men have to beat up women. Abd Al-Rahman Mansour: Islam instructs a man to beat his wife as a last resort before divorce, so that she will mend her ways, treat him with kindness and respect, and know that her …

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Aug 20 2012

If women have choices

What do you do when women attain not only equality but, in some areas, numerical superiority? Well if those areas are things like doing most of the domestic work, or low pay, or getting hassled in the street, you do nothing. But when those areas are desirable things like university education? You slam the door …

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Aug 17 2012

A full 20 days

Remember the 9-weeks pregnant Dominican 16-year-old with acute leukemia whose doctors refused to give her chemo because she was pregnant? Well, great news: you don’t have to worry about her any more, because she’s dead. Her plight gained attention over the last few weeks as doctors debated whether it was morally correct to start treating her cancer, …

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May 01 2012

The joke’s on them

For awhile there it looked as if Mali were going to have a new and better Family Code to improve the rights of women. Its provisions included raising the minimum legal age of marriage for girls, improving women’s inheritance and property rights and removing the clause demanding a wife’s obedience to her husband. The law …

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Apr 30 2012

Loose morals

Udate: note this is from the Washington Times, a very dubious source. Good old liberation struggles, like the liberation struggle of Chechnya from the brutal embrace of Russia. Chechnya’s government is openly approving of families that kill female relatives who violate their sense of honor, as this Russian republic embraces a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam …

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