Dec 26 2012

Jesus tells Mo about cultural stereotypes

Ahahahahahahahaha -


Jesus and Mo on norms.


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    Yes Jesus ‘n Mo…they’re all the same.


  2. 2

    Ouch. When Jesus and Mo makes fun of you, you’ve got to admit you’re on the wrong side of the issue.

    Are you listening, Michael Shermer?

    Probably not. Probably not self-aware enough to realize this is about him.

  3. 3

    Wow! You got a nice Boxing Day present, Ophelia!
    Spot on!

  4. 4
    Hamilton Jacobi

    I also wonder what Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne think of this. Jerry often reposts the new Jesus and Mo cartoons. Maybe not this time. And maybe less in the future, now that the Author has gone over to The Dark Side.

  5. 5

    @ 2 Kevin

    Ouch. When Jesus and Mo makes fun of you, you’ve got to admit you’re on the wrong side of the issue.

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  6. 6
    Aratina Cage

    Posted without comment:

    Silentbob, if you won’t, I will on that one: http://www.butterfliesandwheels.org/2011/fun-with-names/#comment-100975
    It’s pretty much born from people advocating hyperskepticism, which is untenable in reality since we do not have limitless access to information. Trusting others for various reasons, making rules and principles to live by or live up to for yourself and others, those are not dogmas, they are normal human functions. Even more strangely, part of feminism is questioning the status quo, which is a form of skepticism; you know, doing things like asking if it really is OK to use gender slurs and, if so, when. So, I think that particular J&M comic strip was misguided, but it didn’t do anything to make me or others here think we were on the wrong side since the arguments it rested on were not sound, and possibly I completely misunderstood the author’s intended point (though I don’t think so given the evidence documented in the link I provided).

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