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  1. callistacat says

    The LDS Church believes all Christian churches are abominations. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were all about bringing back Old Testament values. I don’t know see how a Christian could ever vote for Mitt Romney. It’s not just another branch of Christianity, it’s a whole different theology.

  2. StevoR says

    @ ^ callistacat : Moronism is a cult. A particularly nasty and sadly now large one created by a blatant conman, with some really atrocious beliefs some really silly ones and a set of core ideologies still steeped in racism, homophobia and general messed-up-ness.

    Rmoney appears to me to be disgustingly selfish and callous towards others, very clearly untrustworthy, fake as all hell and very probably a compulsive liar – like his running mate.

    It is pretty scary that a person as bad as Mitt can get *this* close to the highest office in the USA and that *anyone* would even contemplate voting for him.

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