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Dec 22 2011

We’re winning against the bigots

Here are four GLBT news stories to warm your heart: An iconic kiss – take that, DADT: “Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta, left, kisses her girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2011 after Gaeta’s ship returned from …

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Jul 25 2011

Photos from the first gay marriages in New York

You can see all 60 here, but here are some of my favorites: I’m not going to lie, the older gay couples fill me with the most joy. I just want to hug them and tell them how happy I am that they made it through all the years of crap to finally see this …

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Jul 12 2011

This gives me hope

A young child reacts to meeting his first gay couple: “So that means you love each other!” Yes, yes exactly. You, child, have an understanding that exceeds most right wing politicians. Amazing how people aren’t bigoted until they’re taught to be bigoted.

May 03 2011

This video just made me cry

The good kind of tears. I was holding it together until Woody appeared. Is that silly? This commercial about the It Gets Better Project just aired as a commercial during Glee. I can only imagine how many kids it reached. Saving even just one life makes it worth it. Dan Savage, you’ve done an amazing …

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Feb 20 2011

On the bright side…

I had a blast at the Secular Student Alliance Southern California leadership summit. I don’t exactly feel like writing a big summary at the moment, but I wanted to rub it in that I saw a bunch of awesome speakers and just got out of a hot tub. I think this photo pretty much summarizes …

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Dec 27 2010

‘Tis the season for giving

Boobquake is still making an impact months later*. You may remember that I sold some boobquake t-shirts in my store promising the royalties would go to charity. The total royalities earned from boobquake shirts was $621.87, and my April volume bonus thanks to the shirts was $369.53. That’s a total of $991.40 raised from Boobquake! …

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Nov 14 2010

14 year old stands up for gay-defending teacher

Graeme Taylor is my new favorite person in the world. He’s an openly gay 14-year old who eloquently defended Jay McDowell, a teacher who had been recently suspended without pay at his school in Howell, Michigan. What horrible thing did McDowell do that warranted this suspension? He told a student to take off a confederate …

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Aug 24 2010

Stephen Colbert called me “smoking hot”

I thought it couldn’t get any better than having a piece on me. I was wrong.Some context: I got in line for the show with Nikki (my now Favorite Blog Reader for giving me a ticket) at 4:30. We were assigned tickets, and I was number 42. Yes, I think it was fate:We were let …

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Aug 24 2010

Guess who’s about to go see the Colbert Report live?!

…Yeah, I have nothing else to say. Just wanted to rub it in. I get to be evil like that every once in a while – it’s in the Universal Blogger’s Rules or something.A zillion thanks to Nikki for lending me her extra ticket, thus earning her the title of Most Awesome Blog Reader Ever.

Aug 15 2010

Best atheist sex toy ever

I did leave out one highlight from my St. Louis trip because it was so awesome that it deserved a post of its own. I received what could very well be the Most Hilariously Creative Atheist Gift Ever:Me: *pulling gift out of bag* Oh, cute, a Flying Spaghetti Monster! …*thinking* Wait, what is it attached …

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