This video just made me cry

The good kind of tears.

I was holding it together until Woody appeared. Is that silly?

This commercial about the It Gets Better Project just aired as a commercial during Glee. I can only imagine how many kids it reached. Saving even just one life makes it worth it.

Dan Savage, you’ve done an amazing thing.

(Via Friendly Atheist)


  1. bamoyers says

    I love this project. It’s reached me in a very personal way. I can only hope that it can inspire courage in the thousands of LGBT youth living in situations like mine.Melissa E, I’m right there with you.

  2. Azkyroth says

    I should watch this. It’ll, hopefully, be a useful antidote to all the pointless Lawful Stupid gesticulating about justice being brought to Bin Laden instead of vice versa, as far as my mood goes.

  3. Zondrae says

    Truly beautiful. It made me cry too. It should be shared as far and wide as we can. Z

  4. says

    Yeah, something about that computer-generated cowboy I associate with my carefree childhood also caused me to start spilling tears.

  5. SpencerTroxell says

    That’s awesome. When you said you held it together until woody appeared, I thought you meant like Woody Harrelson or Woody Allen or something, but then I swelled up when I realized you meant ‘Woody’ Woody. That got to me too. My 5 year old loves Toy Story, so it was awesome to see him in the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign. Not only because Woody rules, but because his appearance is an indicator that my 5 year old will grow up in a culture that is less likely to isolate and shame people of different sexual orientations. We’re sending the right message to our kids.

  6. says

    I had a couple people post on FB last night immediately after Woody that they cried. Great video–great effort. Let’s hope it’s working as intended.

  7. Gus Snarp says

    If that appearance of Woody was legal and authorized, then all I can say is that Disney and Pixar fucking rock. All criticism I have heaped on Disney over the years is hereby taken back. Except Oliver and Company really does suck.

  8. Gus Snarp says

    This. My 4 year old has a friend with two mommies in preschool and he thinks nothing of it. We see some friends of ours who are a gay male couple all the time, he loves them. Sure, part of that is the environment we put him in, but it’s unavoidable. Young people today are far less likely to care about someone’s sexual orientation, and our kids generation – wow they’re going to think our generation was stupid. At least we can tell them we made these videos and got DADT repealed. Maybe we can get them gay marriage before we’re done too!A sad side note, this is also why conservatives fear gay rights so much. They know that they won’t be able to prevent their kids from growing up in a world where being gay is OK. It’s also why all the anti-marriage rhetoric scares me. I think it’s directly responsible for the rise in gay suicides and bashings lately.

  9. Selfificatiom says

    I can’t tell if Google is doing a good job or a really bad job in this ad campaign because, on the one hand, people love this video. On the other, I don’t think anyone even noticed the chrome branding. Maybe it’s some reverse reverse psychology Jedi mind trick or something.

  10. says

    I saw this on television yesterday in a room full of girls that I had just met and burst into tears.I don’t think I’ll be invited back.

  11. Eric_RoM says

    I think Dan himself is surprised that such a simple approach worked so well.

  12. kendermouse says

    It’s not silly that you held it in til you saw Woody. I didn’t even make it that far.

  13. says

    Ok. That was enough to get me to go and finally install Chrome. I do have to wonder how long it will take before this prompts a boycott of Google products by the religious right.

  14. Pepijn says

    It must be such a great feeling to know that you are saving lives, as I am certain the It Gets Better project is doing….

  15. Clare M says

    Oh gosh, now I’m crying. I wish I’d had something like this a couple years ago… It would have saved me from some serious misery.

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