Guess who’s about to go see the Colbert Report live?!

…Yeah, I have nothing else to say. Just wanted to rub it in. I get to be evil like that every once in a while – it’s in the Universal Blogger’s Rules or something.A zillion thanks to Nikki for lending me her extra ticket, thus earning her the title of Most Awesome Blog Reader Ever.


  1. Rootboy says

    I lived literally 1 block from the Colbert report studio for 2 years, and I never went to see him. Yes I am lame.

  2. says

    If I were visiting New York, my first day would be spent in line to see the Daily Show live; the second, the Colbert Report; and on the third day I’d start doing all that other, not-quite-as-important stuff like sightseeing and whatnot.

  3. LS says

    Alright, guys, lets get started. We need a plan on how to oust Nikki. All I’ve got are these sexy glasses, half a jug of Cherry Pomegranate juice, some car keys, and a mirror.

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