‘Tis the season for giving

Boobquake is still making an impact months later*. You may remember that I sold some boobquake t-shirts in my store promising the royalties would go to charity. The total royalities earned from boobquake shirts was $621.87, and my April volume bonus thanks to the shirts was $369.53. That’s a total of $991.40 raised from Boobquake! Well, the donations have finally been made.

$500 has been donated to the Red Cross for disaster relief, and

$500 has been donated to the James Randi Educational Foundation

The delay in donation paid off, since the JREF is having their Season of Reason right now. What does that mean? An anonymous donor is matching all donations, meaning Boobquake’s contribution to the JREF is effectively doubled to $1,000!

I know that’s still not much for a big organization, but it’s equivalent to one of my paychecks, so I feel like quite the philanthropist right now. But really, the money wasn’t mine – I should be thanking all of you who bought merchandise in order to support these organizations. So, thank you!

We may still debate if boobquake did any good in terms of politics, religion, or women’s rights, but it’s certainly not debateable that it raised money for two wonderful causes.

*The months later part is mostly due to me moving twice after April, first to my parent’s house and then to Seattle. This resulted in Zazzle checks (which are already notoriously delayed thanks to waits in processing) to get returned to sender for a while as they tried to find me. I then realized I could just get paid through PayPal, so that solved that issue. …But yeah, it’s also partially due to procrastination. Oh well, I guess it worked out, since we ended up having a matching donor!


  1. says

    Omg you totally rocked this!! I’ve read some pretty entertaining story topics but yours – you had an idea, it developed into a trend and u ran with it and scored the TD! AND the extra point? Its up, and its GOOD!!

  2. bob42 says

    I still think more scientific study is warranted. Perhaps it should be an annual event and the results compiled into a longitudinal study.

  3. Steve in SA says

    Actually, I’d make it a seasonal study, with winter as the control, and summer as the testing period. This way we could get a good comparison of the increase or decrease of seismic activity between expected high and low activity periods. If this Imam is correct, we should see a generally sinusoidal seasonal trend line. I would even volunteer as an observer for this scientific study, you know, just to ensure that proper test conditions were being met and all. 8-)

  4. Steve in SA says

    Sorry I got off on a tangent earlier, I didn’t mean to belittle your terrific fund-raising efforts. That has been a great job; even more so, considering all the other tremendously consuming tasks on your plate right now.

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