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Mar 29 2011

Sometimes you can’t win

That’s the look I give when I’ve just lost a couple more brain cells. [Transcript:Day 1:Man: Men are sexual beings! We evolved to be promiscuous!Woman: Um, but biology isn’t an ultimatum. You can control your actions.Man: *angry* YOU FRIGID FEMINISTS ARE TRYING TO SUPPRESS OUR SEXUALITY! I AM NOT A EUNUCH!!Day 2:Man: We should care …

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Aug 01 2010

My atheist lovechildren

Hemant: “Draw doodles! What would the lovechild of you and various famous Atheists look like?”Sleep deprivation induced doodle, or accidentally insightful commentary on diversity in the atheist movement? You decide. I think Hemant just wanted a cute drawing of our latte colored lovechild. This is post 46 of 49 of Blogathon. Pledge a donation to …

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Jul 22 2010

lol modern art

Yesterday I went to the Art Institute of Chicago with my parents, aunt, and uncle. I love the Art Institute. Between many art class field trips and my mom being an art teacher, I’ve been there so many times that I no longer need a map to navigate it. Definitely in the double digits. But …

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Mar 18 2010

My art background

This is a question from formspring.me. Go ask me something! Have you ever had art classes or did you learn on your own? ‘Cause you’re pretty good! Thank you! And the answer is both! My mother was a middle school art teacher (just retired), so I was surrounded by art my whole life. My bathroom …

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Sep 06 2009

Darwin finds the best evidence against his theory

Like always, click for larger.Disclaimer: This is not supposed to mean evolutionary biologists are hostile to any contrary evidence. It’s a joke. I hate to have to include this, but I know if I don’t this comic will get picked up by some creationist site as proof that we’re all dogmatic Darwinists. Actually, that’s probably …

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Aug 04 2009

I Squid Science

I needed something lighthearted after yesterday’s drama (which is apparently still continuing today) so I decided to make the PZ/Ham comic a t-shirt. Then I realized I accidentally saved over the large file, so I don’t have a shirt-quality image. Fudgenuggets. Don’t worry, I’ll redraw it as close to the original as possible – you’ll …

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Jul 29 2009

What atheists wish would happen at the Creation Museum

What atheists wish would happen at the Creation Museum (I partially blame Mark for this insanity). Click the images for a bigger image (it’s so big I couldn’t fit it as one comic).What did I learn from making this? …It is impossible to draw Ken Ham NOT evil looking. I mean, seriously. Compare this comic …

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Jul 25 2009

Drawing Challenge

There’s a new challenge at the Blogathon for $5 – draw something related to Blogathon! Well, this is basically how I feel right now: going insane and jacked up on caffeine.Though it’s a bit of a stretch. I really only have a couple Pepsi cans surrounding me, and they’re not ginormous. Unfortunately I didn’t have …

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Apr 21 2009

The Difference Between Normal People, Scientists, and Chocoholics

Alright, I had to do it:…And now that I’m embarrassed by my crappy tablet drawing skills, go check out my artwork from high school so I can redeem myself a bit.