My atheist lovechildren

Hemant: “Draw doodles! What would the lovechild of you and various famous Atheists look like?”
Sleep deprivation induced doodle, or accidentally insightful commentary on diversity in the atheist movement? You decide.

I think Hemant just wanted a cute drawing of our latte colored lovechild.

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  1. LS says

    You make a good point. There’s a startling lack of beards in the Atheist movement.We need to make an effort to reach out to the bearded community, and let them know we value their outlook.

  2. says

    I’m upset that the babies with Dawkins, Harris, and Barker all look the same, because some of them are clearly more attractive than others. Though, I guess all you can see on a baby are pudgy cheeks and facial hair…On another note, glad to be back for the end of blogathon =) Sorry I missed so many in the middle.

  3. Azkyroth says

    Actually, if we’re talking newborn, it’s more like “shaved, half-mummified tarsier.”

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