Aug 29 2011

I’m not the only one moving to a new home

My apartment is (mostly) packed, and in an hour I’ll be off to pick up my soon-to-be roommate and our U-Haul. Then the real fun begins. Blah. After some thought, I realized this will be the ninth time I’ve moved in five years. As much as I hate packing up all my crap just to unpack it a couple of hours later, I’m looking forward to escaping my terrible apartment. And I’m glad some of my classmates are helping us lug stuff around, since I pretty much have no upper body strength. Thankfully grad students are easily bribed with promises of pizza and beer.

But I’m not the only one moving soon. So is my blog!

In a couple of weeks, Blag Hag will have a cozy new home, and Pharyngula and Greta Christina’s blog will be her roommates. That’s right – I’m joining Freethought Blogs!

I’m super excited that I was invited to be a part of this project. I’ve been itching to get off Blogger for a while, and I’m honored to be in such good blogging company. And don’t worry – nothing major will change for you guys. The content will be exactly the same, just with a better situation for me and a new layout (which I’ve been promised will be prettier than it is currently once all the technical and advertising kinks are worked out).

If you have any questions about the move, please leave a comment here and I’ll make a FAQ post. Have to finish moving my physical crap before I start worrying about my internet crap.


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  1. 1
    Jim Levis

    Congratulations on the new virtual (and real world) digs.  I thought you’d be a good addition to the group over at Freethought Blogs.

  2. 2
    Nicole Hall

    Did you find a place on Capitol Hill? :) We’ll be neighbors!

  3. 3

    wow! congratulations :-)

  4. 4
    Oz Tilson

    I am happy that you will be in a new and better place. I will miss the stories about the current place though!looking forward to freethought blogs soon!

  5. 5

    No upper body strength? Was that a joke? If not get yourself to the gym! :)

  6. 6

    RSS feed? Will there be an RSS feed for just your blog, or will it include all the others on FTB as well? Also can we get a link to that RSS when it’s available? THANKS!

  7. 7
    Camels With Hammers

    Great news!  I’ve been assuming you must be joining the network and wondering when you’d announce!

  8. 8

    This is super-handy! So many of my favorite blogs are moving to FtB! My life is going to be so easy.

  9. 9

    Hurray for both moves! As a new reader, I’ve been catching up on your archives, but I also look forward to the new developments. I can empathize with “no upper-body strength”, and have been eying Mode Fitness in Capitol Hill because of their kettlebell classes.

  10. 10

    This explains the new Seattle rental ad: Cozy basement apartment perfect for religious zealot, must like all species of spiders and know that each and every one is another of God’s lovely crafted creatures, lovingly created and painstakingly crafted and carefully placed on Earth by God.  If Noah could go through the trouble of finding breeding pairs of each and every one of the forty-thousand-plus species of spiders to preserve on the arc, then the least you can do is feed, groom, and care for the few among you and read them bible verses on the Sabbath.   First and last, security, and recitation of The Lord’s Prayer due at signing.   Godless heathens who won’t appreciate my unannounced visits to share in the Glory of the Lord need not apply.

  11. 11

    Is all the old content (articles and comments) going to be migrated, or will it stay here/be lost?And what will happen to this site?

  12. 12
    Tabby Lavalamp

    Will you be listed on the front page? Will all the other new bloggers? The only reason I know there are more bloggers than  the seven currently on the front page is because the section for recent updates.But this could be just one of the kinks that needs to be ironed out.

  13. 13
    Camels With Hammers

    Yes, they’re just holding off on putting the rest of us on the front page until everyone has had time to get their sites fully operational.

  14. 14

    Congrats on both moves! Glad to hear the news about Freethought Blogs. Do you think you could talk them into using Disqus for their commenting service? Or at least some way to link comments with social networks like twitter?

  15. 15
    Tabby Lavalamp

    Thank you! It’s been bothering me and so it’s nice to know.

  16. 16


  17. 17
    Camels With Hammers

    No problem!  Just see it as an opportunity to explicitly bookmark us directly for even after we’re on the front page ;)

  18. 18
    Ani Sharmin

    Congratulations.  I hope you find both of your new homes wonderful.

  19. 19

    Congratulations on both moves! :-)Freethoughtblogs is a great place, but I have *one* request, and perhaps you can exert some influence: *please* don’t make us create yet another account to be able to comment there? Currently the comment system is something incredibly ancient and old fashioned, that requires you to create an account with the site if you want to comment. That’s so incredibly last century… ;-)It would be great if the site switched to a system like Disqus, or at the very least allowed you to log in with an OpenID account. The site provides no contact information, so I though I’d try here. Perhaps you could forward this request to the powers that be?

  20. 20

    Oops, didn’t see you there, TheDudeDiogenes… Sorry for posting pretty much the exact same thing. At least it’s good to know there are more people with the same wish.

  21. 21

    Please do keep your  Recommended Reading section — I make heavy use of it as a alternative to getting a real RSS reader… ;-)

  22. 22

    Good luck with the move! Don’t hurt yourself, and try not to make your helpers want to hurt you. ;)My question (RSS) has already been asked, so…that’s all!

  23. 23

    I’m moving at the moment too!Congrats on the new digs-you’re in good company!

  24. 24

    Good luck with your moves! While we’re making requests… if you could say something to Freethought blogs about their pop-up ads, that would be awesome. It took some effort for me to stay on the page after getting one warning about a pop-up blocked, then I got a second one that actually made it through my blocker. It’s hard to respect a site that doesn’t respect my window space.

  25. 25
    Jim Levis

    All the other blogs there have their own RSS feeds, so I don’t know why Blag Hag wouldn’t be different.

  26. 26

    This. This so much.

  27. 27

    Awww, man.  We won’t be neighbors anymore. ;_;

  28. 28
    Svlad Cjelli

    I’ve moved four times since June.

  29. 29

    Congrats, Jen.I remember the day you were trying to get away from your basic Blogger url and wondering how to get your own website and such. FTB is becoming a fantastic destination, and I’m glad they’re adding you.

  30. 30
    Pan Zagloba

    Hope all the moves go smoothly, and all the pizza and beer goes down smoothly! Since I read via RSS, that’s my main question for the FAQ: will the same RSS feed work, and if not, can you post that in large bold comic sans until my dumb ass gets the message and switches feeds?

  31. 31

    Multiplex negatio ferblondiat.

  32. 32

    Indeed. You’ll suffer immediate DTs when the FtB servers conks over again. You’ll handily lose access to all your blogs in one stroke and have to go outside.

  33. 33

    Wait, wait…you and Greta are my roommates? This sounds like Three’s Company!Ed Brayton can be Mr Roper!

  34. 34

    You can still post without creating an account at FTB -  you just have to put in your name and email address the first time you open the site in your browser.

  35. 35

    Bugger.  I can currently access your blog in work but once you move to Freethought I’ll be blocked (as is what has happened to Pharyangula).:(

  36. 36
    Sam Barnett-Cormack

    Just idle curiosity, really, but will comments still be on Disqus, and will BlagHag still be its own Disqus community?

  37. 37

    How does one manage to get bruised building furniture?

  38. 38

    I’m fragile!

  39. 39
    Anthony Rosa

    You own the White Plague by Frank Herbert?I thought I was the only one…

  40. 40
    Michael H

    Can you speak to why a blogger would want to join a network as opposed to just running their own domain (using wordpress for instance) with a “blog roll”? Is there some non-obvious benefit?

  41. 41

    Why do you want to leave blogger?  What attracts you to FreeThought—technical or political considerations?

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