Let’s All Go to the Lobby: Mitt the RIPPER

The thing about SuperPACs is they can’t be for someone. But they can sure as hell be against ’em. In a two-party system, there’s probably a binary legal argument about what that reduces to. In the meantime, Colbert demonstrates just how absurd SuperPACs can be with his own Colbert for President SPAC — not to be in any way confused with the official campaign.

It’s all great theatre. except when you stop and think just how vicious and undemocratic this could get. What would stop SPAC manager A from calling SPAC manager B, hell they could be the same guy, and work out a deal where each respective SPAC takes nasty shots at a candidate? Then the other SPAC has a great justification for hitting up their contributors to air a counter strike, etc., ad infinitum. A sort of political cold war develops, with no regulation that donors or expenses be disclosed. The cash avalanche could make Casino Jack’s shenanigans look like the work of amateur shakedown artists.


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