The rupture of the plaque

The video above gives you basic understanding of the complex and morbidly fascinating pathology of arterial deposition and the role played by inflammation. But there’s more, as explained to be my cardiologist yesterday: substances such as a nicotine and other drugs, or even a good scare can lead to what’s called a plaque rupture and once that happens the next stop on the line a few moment down the road can include sudden cardiac arrest. [Read more…]

Haunted dreams and guest bloggers

I should probably quit smoking. And please, before anyone jumps into comments with their former-smoker zeal and personal horror stories, you cannot scare me anymore than the Terrie the Smoker ad already has, she scares me plenty. That poor, incredibly brave gal’s rasping voice now haunts my dreams and swims in my blood. Other than that, I’m looking straight down the barrel of another insanely long day in the middle of another insanely long week. Hopefully I can grab a few minutes and find some tidbits to post in between crises.

Speaking of time management and lack thereof, are any of you regs interested in guest blogging for this site? I haven’t worked out the details or even thought much about it, but it’s probably time to tap some of the talent around these parts.