Gov Ultrasound headed to the big house

Former Virginia Gov Bob McDonnell was once on the short list for GOP VP. Today he learned he would be serving a very different two-year term:

HuffPo — McDonnell, 60, and his wife were found guilty on a number of corruption charges in September. The 11 charges that McDonnell was convicted on are related to accepting roughly $165,000 in gifts and loans from a businessman promoting his vitamin supplement company. McDonnell’s lawyers have argued that the former governor couldn’t have engaged in a conspiracy with his wife and the businessman because the couple’s relationship was broken. They plan to appeal the conviction.

In sentencing McDonnell, U.S. District Judge James Spencer said that while the more than 400 letters that poured in on McDonnell’s behalf were moving, he could not set aside the jury’s verdict, according to The Washington Post. “A price must be paid,” Spencer said. “Unlike Pontius Pilate, I can’t wash my hands of it all. A meaningful sentence must be imposed.”

This clown is among the worst of the worst of the religious posers. He was a charter member in the religious right’s assault on reproductive health and marriage equality. At one point supporting spurious medical exams, including a trans-vaginal ultrasound, to shame women seeking abortion counseling.

McDonnell is a full blown, fake “family values,” Christian Broadcasting Network/Regent University shill who went on to pad his governorship with expensive gifts and perks from local business people. When the shit finally hit the fan, Gov Ultrasound threw his wife under the bus in an attempt to remain free at large. We should be able to say good riddance, but with time off for good behavior and some time in with whatever prison Bible study group he finds, we’ll probably see this guy on the stump again.


  1. machintelligence says

    The sentence was too short. Any bets on whether his wife has to serve more time than he does?

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