Too nice a day for angry Talk Show reviews


Thanks for the contribs friends and foes, I might have to bleg for a few more days, but its looking way better. If you get a chance and have some spare scratch, my Paypal account is Darksydothemoon-at-aol-com. No amount is too large or too small.

Sometimes I’m dumb enough to still watch the Sunday talk shows. In this digital age that’s often an exercise in needless frustration. By the time Sunday rolls around I’m keyed into all the lies and counter lies, and watching them repeated, unchallenged and uncorrected, is just boring and dreary and more than a little bit frustrating. But today a well to do friend took pity on me and we tore up a local lake on wakeboards like teenagers. That’s me, still grimacing slightly after a particularly nasty endo trying to land an aerial 180 minutes earlier. But you know what? It was worth the face slap and bloody nose!

One of the very, very few good things about being poor, I have time on my hands, which means time to work out. Usually in the free if a little sparse gym at the complex where my teeny-tiny efficiency atheist lair is located. And it’s paying off. A little bit more work and I might be able to get a clean bench in on 100 Kg, maybe squat a cool 175. Not exactly ripped like back in the sport climbing days, yet, but I’ve lost a full 50 lbs of flab and put on some muscle since the widow-maker a year and a half ago. As former heart patients go, I know I’m extremely lucky. There are really wealthy people who would give everything they have to change places with me just to enjoy a relatively healthy ticker and all the benefits that come with it.

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