The other shoe drops

One day the right will jump the shark. We’ll, it’s happened already, several times, but it’ll get worse until it gets better. Here’s the latest example, where someone tossed a shoe at Hillarty Clinton, and there has to be a Benghazi cover-up in there somewhere:

Alternet — Hillary Clinton has been accused of many things: faking a blood clot in her brain, killing Vincent Foster, having a marriage of convenience. But arranging to have a shoe thrown at her in order to appear more presidential just has to go down as one of the idiotic claims the right has manufactured to date. We realize that times are getting desperate, what with some right-wing pundits breaking ranks on the nonsensical Benghazi so-called scandal and others saying enough of the endlessly dragged out IRS investigation. And they desperately need something new to obsess about. But shoe-gate? This strikes us as clutching at an awfully short straw.

There is no straw too short to clutch for these clowns to glom onto. But the Hillary hatred may backfire at some point. There are elements in the right that just can’t resist the low hanging fruit of hits and headlines when it comes to ticking off People who May not Vote for Conservatives of Any Kind,, and they’ll not only go there, they’ll overshoot by parsecs in the next two years, probably many, many times.

And while the dog whistles on Obama usually piss off a relatively small number of people, between the the War on Woman (WoW) and loose flapping lips, they may manage to piss off the largest voting bloc in the US.


  1. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    It will be fun/depressing watching Republican primary candidates play the game of seeing who can tip-toe up to the line of overt sexism with regards to Hillary, the way they did with racism/Obama. You just know one of the more desperate ones will go there to score points for a couple days. And then we’ll get to watch greater wingnutia tie itself in knots trying to explain away something that will be obviously sexist to any sentient human being. Should be fun AND hurt the Gop’s chances at the same time. Win-win.

  2. JasonTD says

    Hillary Clinton has been accused of many things: faking a blood clot in her brain, killing Vincent Foster, having a marriage of convenience.

    There was also the deadly ‘sniper fire’ incident that came up during the 2008 primary. Of course, criticism of her for that time that she ‘misspoke’ came entirely from the vast right wing conspiracy against her.

  3. Bicarbonate is back says

    I would not count on women in general feeling splash damage from attacks on Clinton. Individual women can often be even worse in their discrimination against other women than men. You know, the “she’s a tramp” or “she’s a bitch” attitude, the “Who does she think she is?” And beyond individual attitudes, there’s everyone’s tendency to see achievements by women as less valuable and interesting.

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