The faces of healthcare: a glimpse of what the Teaparty hates

Beth was born premature.  “I could go on, and on but I will leave you with this; because of the Healthcare Reform Act, our daughter is excelling”

Almost like a modern Lourdes, the sick and desperate are finding salvation and speaking up about it today. But there’s no miracle involved, this virtual march for life is driven by medical science, delivered via the Internet, and made possible by Obamacare. Science and effective public policy can go a long, long ways together.

Below are a few of those stories. They speak for themselves, but it’s just stunning, downright evil I would argue, when a political party in America would feel such hatred for this down into their rotten core, that they happily shutdown the nation as a sort of collective punishment to We the People for electing someone they don’t like.

What the president’s reelection meant to me is that my nine-year-old, autistic son, Max, will never be denied health insurance or vital therapies due to the fact that he has a preexisting condition.


I am a nurse and a cancer survivor. When I had the abnormal Pap smear result that ultimately led to my cancer diagnosis … The photo is of my son Ryan and I finishing this year’s “Bolder Boulder” 10K. We adopted Ryan 2 years after my cancer surgery, which left me unable to have biological children. He’s the best guy in the world, and a huge fan of the President.


My son Kory is the happiest, most purely loving being I’ve ever known. He has Down syndrome, seizures, and had a stroke in utero. … I know they will never be able to say we have gone over a lifetime spending cap. And if we ever have to change insurance companies, we can’t be denied for a pre-existing condition. Thank you, President Obama, for looking out for those of us who struggle in life.


My mother was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. This disease combined with her congestive heart failure added other complexities … If it had not been for the the Affordable Care Act, I don’t know how my mother would be today.



  1. Al Dente says

    On the radio this morning I heard a Republican admit the reason they’re trying to shut down Obamacare is they’re afraid it’ll become immensely popular, like Medicare, and will become impossible to shut down. Considering the same arguments made about Obamacare was made about Medicare and how they became meaningless, the guy is probably right.

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