Do I have a deal for you gamers!

A friend of mine here in Austin was worried about me, and kind enough to donate some video games still in the box and game codes fresh off the press for me to offer you at any reasonable price. I honestly don’t care if you get it for half or less of what the item would cost in a store. If anyone’s interested, email me using the darksydothemoon -at- A and O and L, dot Com, put “games” in the subject line and include your FTB user name, and I’ll tell you exactly what all I have. If you end up buying it and for some reason it doesn’t work or you’re not happy once you get it, and of course with the understanding I can see you’re a regular here at FtB — not someone who heard about this and showed up to scam me — you will get an immediate and full refund.


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    Off-topic: You know how a politician’s press secretary is supposed to smooth over any controversial positions the politician takes, and make everything he seem mainstream and nice? Ron Paul is doing it wrong:
    Rand Paul’s troubling ties to racists

    The libertarian senator’s new media guy has a pro-Confederate past filled with controversial comments
    A close aide to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is a former member of a pro-secessionist group who used to wear a luchador mask emblazoned with a Confederate flag under the moniker, “Southern Avenger.” …

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