Yes Virginia, there is a War on Christmas

Every December atheists are saddled with being Scrooges who hate Christmas. It’s a strawman of course, all the better to demonize us in the eyes of the public. I for one love Christmas. True, I don’t believe in supernatural beings, but in the same way I like Halloween even though I don’t believe in witches, I like Christmas even though I’m skeptical on Gods and flying reindeer. But it turns out there are indeed people who seek to demote Christmas. They’re called Christians:

Link— The purpose of The Good News magazine is to share with you the living truth of Jesus Christ. A true Christian cannot decide what he will obey, only whether he will obey God’s truth.

We strive to publish God’s pristine truth; people who read that truth have to decide what to do about it and whether they will honor it. Our commission from Jesus Christ is to teach the truth of God and to welcome as disciples and fellow workers those few who hear and obey the truth. We hope the truth about Christmas starts you on the road to true happiness and God’s purpose for you.

History shows that Christmas does not represent Christ. It misrepresents sound biblical teaching and is in opposition to God’s truth. God wants us to worship Him in truth (John 4:23-24), not fable.

Here’s just one example of a comment thread with Christians approving the idea of not celebrating Christmas and bragging about how they don’t recognize it because now they know the truth. Nor is it anything new, as point out in comments below:

Christians in Puritan New England outlawed Christmas, and continued to frown upon celebrations of it for around 200 years.

Yes Virginia, there is a War on Christmas. The battle is waged everytime a delusional fundamentalist hears words from a mythical sky wizard. With every imagined conversation with anti Kringle deities, with each narrow intepretation of an ancient book of fables passed on by tree hating clerics, with every dramatic twist in a personal relationship with a non existant entity that despises reindeer, these anti Santa crusaders gain ground. And if they win, don’t be surprised if one day you wake up and find out Santa had no choice but to break millions of childrens’ hearts and cancel Christmas. I’m sure Fox News and Bill O’Reilly will get right on that.


  1. says

    Proddies have largely been against Christmas (usually ’cause they think it’s Papist mummery) ever since Martin “Lex” Luther wanted to bonk that Nun.

  2. John Kruger says

    Also, since the story was not quite sensational enough, FOX news flatly lied about several details.

  3. says

    That’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They don’t celebrate anything. Not kids’ birthdays, not Christmas, not wedding anniversaries. Not one darn thing.

    Celebration is just right out. Because someone might have fun at a celebration.

    My ex-sister-in-law and her husband converted from Catholicism to JW right after their very large, expensive Polish-Italian Catholic wedding. And proceeded to cut my in-laws out of their lives for the crime of wanting to send their grandchildren birthday presents.

    Oh, the horror.

  4. Tyrant al-Kalām says

    passed on by tree hating cleric

    Oh man, those are the worst kind of hating cleric! Come on man, what have the trees ever done to you???

  5. says

    Well, there is a lot of overlap between tree haters and those who feel it is their religiously mandated duty to tell little kids there is no such thing as Santa. So I can see why one would hate the former.


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