Because the world needs another creationist museum

There are times I’m proud of my species, there are times I’m certain we are doomed. This is neither of those, but it’s a depressing reminder that ancient fables still have an unhealthy grip on our primate psyches:

Link— Founders of the Creation Science Hall of Fame, which now exists only as a website, would like to develop a brick-and mortar structure along Interstate 75.

“When we have the funds, we would like to locate on the highway, about halfway between the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter,” said Terry Hurlbut, secretary/treasurer of the group. “What better place to locate than between these two attractions? We envision that as people fly or drive in to see them, we will be a stop along the way.”

Hurlbut emphasized that the Creation Science Hall of Fame is not affiliated with the Creation Museum, the planned Ark Encounter or Answers in Genesis, the apologetics ministry behind them.


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    I can get behind this. A solid line of Creationist propaganda mills stretching from the Creation Museum to the Ark Encounter. Fundies can start at one end and see how far they can travel the route stopping at each one, seeing each one presented as the incontrovertible truth and wondering why every single one is different, until they either snap out of it… Or just snap.

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    “Hall of Fame”
    I always thought the correct term was Infamy!

    (Though not as in the famous line from Carry on Cleo—
    Caesar: Infamy! Infamy!! They’ve all got it in for me.)

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    I think it’s legit … They throw around some interesting names on the site, it a revealing juxtaposition. For example Isaac Newton I think is in there, and some other luminaries, who lived before evo was a well tested explanation. Then, as modern bioscience grows, the list turns to less notable names in science, like Eric Hovind, Kent’s son, and Ken Ham from AiG. So, yeah, Isaac Newton, Agassiz, and of course Hovind and Ham, it just flows man. /sarc


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