Ernest Borgnine aka Lucifer in Devil’s Rain, passes away

 Ernest Borgnine has passed away. The iconic actor was best known — at least to me —  for his role as Lucifer in Devil’s Rain, a movie so panned by critics it ended the film career of director Robert Fuest. Borgnine was 95 years-old.


  1. says

    Devil’s Rain? C’mon, the man won a best actor Oscar (Marty, 1955). Also appeared in The Dirty Dozen, Willard, and Escape From New York, and was the voice of Mermaidman on Spongebob Squarepants. And those are just the highlights; his IMDb page is as long as your arm.
    “Iconic” is right.

  2. Marie the Bookwyrm says

    Surely I’m not the only one who remembers ‘McHale’s Navy’? :)

  3. says

    Dirty Dozen I’ve seen .. I guess I was too young for most of his stuff. The reason I remember Devil’s Rain is because me and my sister stayed up late watched it late at night when it came on TV, and it scared the shit out of us. We kept hiding under the covers.

  4. busterggi says

    What, are only geezers like me fans of ‘McHale’s Navy’?

    Though ‘The Wild Bunch’ is not only unforgetable but marathoning it for weeks got me through my divorce.

  5. Trickster Goddess says

    I met him when I worked on “The Commish” and he was a guest star. He was a very friendly guy.

  6. jakc says

    I’d forgotten about Devil’s Rain. Saw that at the drive in. He did a lot of things I liked, but McHale’s Navy is a favorite. I’m surprised you haven’t seen it in re-runs.

  7. paulb says

    As Fatso in “From here to Eternity” he was wonderful. And not to pass over the cab driver in the 80’s “Escape from New York.”

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