Atheism isn’t just another religion, it’s the WORST religion

Hmm, I dunno, who could it be … SATAN!?

 Here’s an interesting twist on the old ‘atheism is just another religion’ chestnut. You know,  in the same way sobriety is just another kind of drunken stupor. But user name Charles Dumbwin claims atheism is really Satanism. He or she has a sort of, umm, thesis I guess you could say, for that opinion and actually posted it:

News24 — It’s amusing to note that while atheist religiots have punted their unscientific drivel – with unprovable theories like the impossible Big Bang or the magical fairytale story of evolution – they themselves are the dying breed with literally no hope, future or purpose. Oh, the irony of being the weaker ‘species’. So allow me to share some insight into the ungodly trolls here who proselytize their cult of atheism to weak and impressionable minds.

Indeed, it is amusing. If you don’t want to waste your time reading what follows, trust me, the projection and ignorance only get worse from there.


  1. raven says

    As usual the reality is the opposite.

    It’s hard to tell fundie xianity from satanism.

    1. Worship a monster god check

    2. Based on lies check

    3. Based on hate check

    4. Practice human child sacrifice by medical neglect and torture murder check

    About the only difference is, satanism more or less doesn’t exist while fundie xianity definitely does.

  2. jamessweet says

    I cannot tell you how comforting I find it when I read a critique of atheism, and opens with an attack on well-established science.

    You know, being a skeptic, I always consider the possibility that I might be wrong, and the idea that I could have gotten this most important of questions wrong is pretty disturbing — not that I think there is a serious risk that I am materially wrong on that issue, but since the costs of being wrong are so huge, even just the theoretical possibility is worrisome.

    So when I read an attack on atheism, there’s always in the back of my mind, “Hey, what if there’s a knockdown argument here that I’ve never heard before…” Or, even if I’m not wrong about atheism per se, I worry I might be wrong about being outspoken about it — maybe people really do need their comforting lies, and I am making the world a worse place by speaking out. I don’t think that’s the case, but as a skeptic I always consider it a possibility, and sometimes that worries me.

    But then someone like this comes along, and I feel so much better. Thank you, Dumbwin, for opening your attack on atheism with a volley against well-established cosmology and biology. If you hadn’t done that, I might have had to consider your argument and all of its uncomfortable implications. As it stands, I can just skim the opening paragraph and then get on with my day, safe in the knowledge that you’re a fucking idiot.

  3. Synfandel says

    Ay caramba! I wouldn’t have believed that one could get that much ignorance and stupidity into one short article.

  4. StevoR says

    Here’s an interesting twist on the old ’atheism is just another religion’ chestnut. You know, in the same way sobriety is just another kind of drunken stupor.

    Mmmmm .. drunken stupors.

  5. StevoR says

    (Yes, I’d know!)

    with unprovable theories like the impossible Big Bang or the magical fairytale story of evolution

    Said with a straight face? For realz?

  6. StevoR says

    Coz y’know microwave cosmic background and all that other evidenece and all those fssossils and more ..

  7. frankb says

    Ah, yes. Atheism is dying and the Theory Of Evolution is on it’s last legs. They have been saying that for a while haven’t they?

  8. busterggi says

    I wish this guy could visit me at home and see my non-collection of non-stamps – its one of the biggest in the world although it takes up no space at all.

  9. says

    I’ve noticed a wave, recently, of fundamentalist bloggers and commenters referring to evolution as a “fairy tale”. Can’t tell if they’re reacting to some bizarro version of evolution, or if they’re not clear on what a fairy tale is…

  10. F says

    in the same way sobriety is just another kind of drunken stupor.

    Well, that sort of depends on how you maintain that sobriety if you are an ex-not-sober person.

    Charles Dumbwin

    You have got to be kidding me. That is so tame and lame that it hurts.

    claims atheism is really Satanism.

    Wait. So this means that Athena is also Satan? Shit, this is getting complicated. I no longer know what it is I don’t believe. Or actually believe. Or whatever.

    I like how religiots will use the word religiot against someone else, especially when the target is non-religious. It’s like “atheism is just another religion”.

    I also don’t think he knows what “punted” means. Or “scientific”, for that matter.

    they themselves are the dying breed with literally no hope, future or purpose.

    Atheists: Dying off in increasing numbers for the last 6000 years. I wonder what hope, future, or purpose he’s got that atheists don’t (but want).

    Oops. Doesn’t know what irony is, either.

  11. F says

    Holy smokes, what an idiot. This fellow has some other amazing articles as well. Notable greats like Evolution Schmution and I like homosexuals (but…), which includes the award-winning sentence, “Bigot” conjures up all sorts of images and stereotypes..

    I’m also enamored of the News24 disclaimer, which includes the The views of users published on News24 are therefore their own and do not necessarily represent… sort of thing. Never mind that this douchebong wrote articles that are Editor’s Choice picks. I deduce that this is Why Atheists Need Science, as it is Dumbwin’s fifth article, which is the ordinal number indicated by the Intern Badge.

    Let’s be honest, without the false claim over the field of Science, the cult of atheism would not exist. It’s like an illegal land-grab – it’s just stupid.

  12. gshevlin says

    Shorter Dumbwin: Atheism is a religion partly because there are lots of Atheists, so they must be an organized cult, but mainly because I say it is a religion.

  13. stuartvo says

    I’ve been seeing more and more examples of News24 being the news, instead of just reporting it. The stupidity of their commenters and editorialisers is becoming legendary across the world wide web.

    Which is very embarrassing and disappointing for this particular South African.

    This is not the sort of thing we want to be known for. Our previous president was embarrassing enough with his HIV denialism

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