Obama speaks, wingnuts threaten to move to … Canada

President Obama addressed the nation moments ago, swatting down several lies by Romney’s brief statement earlier. Meanwhile, from the same poor misled saps that brought us “Keep your government hands off Medicare!” comes a new howler, demonstrating the real world consequences of complete ignorance.

On the heels of the SCOTUS decision, some angry conservatives are threatening to move to Canada. Presumably to escape socialized medicine. If you’re not sure why that’s hilarious, in the words of George Bush sr., just ask a Canadian … and we have a few Canadians responding below!


  1. jamessweet says

    I can only assume they have heard liberals threatening to move to Canada if we don’t get what we want, and thought it was just an expression… and didn’t realize we meant it’s because, you know, Canada is more progressive…

  2. hexidecima says

    Canada? Really? I’m sure that our neighbors to the north need to build a wall real quick.

    It seems nothing is quite too stupid for a tea partier to say.

  3. davidct says

    Just another example of how ignorant Americans are of even countries just over the boarder who sort of speak English. Not only do they have tax supported health care, they require new residents to pay back up taxes if they plan on using any health services.

  4. says

    We here in Canada just want to point out that we have an extensive social safety net, socialized medicine and government over-site of our banks/insurance institutions. Our Capital Gains taxes are also much higher, as are taxes in general. It really sucks here and it’s also really cold. Igloos are expensive to maintain and the Polar Bears are dangerous during the 10 days of spring/summer when they have to eat enough to hibernate for 11 months again. Just say’n you might want to stay put, please. I hear France is nice?

  5. Gregory in Seattle says

    Let them leave the US. I just hope their passports gets revoked the moment they cross the border, so they can never be allowed to leave.

    Oh, and by giving up their citizenship, they also lose the right to vote and hold office. Huzzah!

  6. Aquaria says

    Like when they said that Stephen Hawking would be dead if he’d been subject to socialist health care.

    When he uses the NHS, like every other Brit.

    Or “Keep your government hands off my Social Security.”

    I did have some fun with a lunatic screeching about this at the grocery store. It was…fun, to needle him about becoming a commie Canadian. Why, they’re not much different from Sweden up there!

    I told him Mexico might be more his speed. Oh. Wait. They have laws guaranteeing health care for everyone. The poor in well-populated areas get good health care via the SSA (very much like the NHS in the UK). I mean, look at what an SSA facility looks like, in Apizaquito, just east of the Federal District):


    Is it perfect? Of course not. But it does exist, and Mexico has a real commitment to making it work. Fucking socialists!

    Maybe the republislime better consider Guatemala or El Salvador. As a bonus, abortion is illegal in those places, just like they always wanted! They could have their cake and eat it, too!

  7. raven says

    Yeah moving to Canada isn’t going to work for them

    They really need to find a xian theocratic country somewhere and move to it.

    Of course, there aren’t any. Theocracies don’t work and we gave it up centuries ago.

  8. ischemgeek says

    Nooooo, I don’t want them to come to Canada! We have enough trouble with the reformites!

  9. troll says

    They have got to be taking the piss. As cynical as I am, I find it hard to believe they’re stupid enough to be genuine.

  10. interrobang says

    Well, my one consolation is knowing that these chucklefucks are too stupid and ill-educated to actually be able to emigrate here. We’ve already got Harper and his gang of human skidmarks fucking everything up and killing the environment in the middle third of the country; we really don’t need more wingnuts.

    Unfortunately, our possibly-too-rigid immigration laws don’t do shit about homegrown stupid.

  11. gshelley says

    Is there a transcript or something of Obama’s statement? I’ve read Romney’s so would be interested if Obama specifically addressed his arguments

  12. says

    I’ll look for a transcript, surely there is one by now.

    I don’t know if they’re genuine feelings about moving to Canada or not. It’s not easy to separate real wingnut beliefs from parody these days.

  13. says

    I’m waiting until the right in this country descends so deep into madness that we see this same level of insanity in response to a routine spending bill that authorizes more money police and fire departments.

    Then again, its also amusing to think of these people as making the rounds throughout the world reacting like this when their new country passes some kind of legislation they don’t like. Until they eventually end up in Somalia.

  14. Amphiox says

    Canada? Really? I’m sure that our neighbors to the north need to build a wall real quick.

    We’ll take them, indoctrinate them all into good little commie soldiers, and then send them back to you!

  15. Randomfactor says

    They’re not serious about Canada. They’re looking for a developed nation that DOESN’T have socialized medicine or single-payer.

    I hear Somalia is nice in the spring…

  16. sailor1031 says

    “We’ll take them, indoctrinate them all into good little commie soldiers, and then send them back to you!”

    Fuck no! we’ll turn ’em into soldiers and send them to Afghanfrickingstan so OUR boys can come home (after eleven years)!!!
    I don’t think they’d be any good as soldiers but they might make good sniper & IED fodder.

  17. Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    There’s still a European theocracy: they can all emigrate to the Vatican. We got a tiny start with Cardinal Law and that Fox News guy. The rest of the right wing can follow.

    What is it they’re always saying? America, love it or leave it?

    But whatever happens, I have a vested interest in them NOT choosing Canadialand as their place of exile.

  18. navigator says

    I would never wish this wingnuts on our highly valued neighbors to the north. If they want somewhere that entrepreneurism is valued, I suggest Russia, or somewhere else in the former Soviet Union. Money is their God, and they can toss their opponents in jail or a mental hospital. Just please, please, please, really far away from the rest of us.

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