Scott Walker needs your prayers!

Wisconsin Governor and general all around Koch-whore Scott Walker asked fellow Christians for their prayers in fending off a recall election early next month:

(TPM) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker spoke to a crowd of political and spiritual true believers Wednesday night — seeking to mobilize support from a national tele-town hall hosted by Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition.

For a reporter listening in, the call provided a good example of the messages, both positive and negative, that Walker has put to his deep base [of] supporters. He spoke of his religious background as a pastor’s son, how both of his own children have accepted Christ as their savior, and how much he appreciates the prayers that people have offered for him as he faces a recall election on June 5.

Walker and Reed, that’s a match made in corporate heaven alright! Perhaps Walker learnt of Jesus at his father’s knee; how our Lord and Savior was a big advocate of fucking over the poor and underprivileged, while larding up the coffers of the Pharisees and money changers with sweet, sweet taxpayer cash in return for contributions and the good life. Given Walker’s recent actions — rather than his words — he might be better served praying to his One True God, Mammon. Either way, nothing fails quite like prayer.


  1. jufulu says

    My prayer for him is that he receives an unlimited supply of rotting porcupines for insertion purposes. Reed can help.

  2. d cwilson says

    Maybe, after Walker is recalled, Reed can set him up with a job in the casino industry. I’m sure he can do a lot the Lord’s Mammon’s work there.

  3. busterggi says

    I could be wrong but I don’t believe Jesus is registered to vote in Wisconsin.

    Damned Repubs encouraging illegal aliens to vote!

  4. Gregory in Seattle says

    “Is there a proper blessing… for Governor Walker?

    “A blessing for Governor Walker? Of course. ‘May God bless and keep the Governor: far away from us!'”

  5. lordshipmayhem says

    Which god do they want us to pray to? I presume it’s the Babylonian thunder god that the Jews adopted centuries ago, but the evidence for his existence is the same as for Odin, Vishnu or Zeus.

  6. Shawn Smith says

    Intrade is currently (1:00 am EDT 5/4/2012) estimating a 60% chance for Gov. Walker to survive the recall (and a 59.7% chance for Obama to be reelected.) I guess enough Koch money flowed in while it could to convince enough rural Wisconsonians that Walker was doing a good job.


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