Cain is in for the ride of his life

Wut-woh, one of the people who Herman Cain allegedly sexually harassed is reportedly seeking the thumbs up to tell her side of the story. And since Cain has commented on the issue, repeatedly and with no small degree of confusion, she may now have a legal basis to do so:

(NYT link) The lawyer, Joel P. Bennett of Washington, said in an interview that his client was calling upon the association to release her from the confidentiality agreement so that she could speak publicly about what happened with Mr. Cain. “He’s no longer an employee of the National Restaurant Association, so the National Restaurant Association could argue that well, he’s no longer an employee so it doesn’t bind” the women, Mr. Bennett said.

Meanwhile the Cain campaign claims they have received a big fund-raising boost even as the story seems to quicken. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Cain’s Teaparty fans ended up circling the wagons out of such pure knee-jerk reflex that they end up keeping him solidly in the race with Anyone but Romney? A skeptic can dream …


  1. lordshipmayhem says

    And yet four more reputations head for the trash can: Cain’s, the two women he may or may not have (but probably did) harass, and the National Restaurant Association. Cain’s, for this is now being discussed, the two women, for they will be attacked by Cain’s political supporters (and by the Tea Party), and the National Restaurant Association becomes some of the slops in this food fight will land on that organization as collateral damage.

    Of these, I have sympathies only for the women and the members and current employees of the Association. Cain is the author of his own misfortune – a tome roughly the thickness of War and Peace.

    Amusing though the far-right-wing Republican efforts have proven to be, the 2012 vote can’t come soon enough.

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