And a single biologist will lead them

Wall Street job destroyers and class-holes take note: A UC Irvine evolutionary biologist who made a killing in the vineyard business, shows the opposite of the cancerous greed-and-ignorance-are-good sentiment with a whopping $10 million donation to science, his community, and his adopted country:

Francisco J. Ayala, who was once a Dominican priest in his native Spain and who is known for taking on creationists in books and lectures about evolution, said the gift is a way of showing “gratitude” for his 24-year career at UCI.


  1. Nentuaby says

    Always fun to see the alma mater in the news… Zot Zot!

    Interesting to see if they’ll name the school for him- the computer science school became the Bren School of ICS after a 20 million donation from, well, a prime classhole. Let’s see what the going rate is!

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