Republicans unveil jobs bill ideas … again

Like a zombie rising from repeated bullets to the brain, the Republicans have proposed what they call the real jobs plan, and guess what’s in it? No seriously, take a wild guess?

A draft of the plan refers to it as the “Real American Jobs Act,” a not-so subtle riff on Obama’s $447 billion bill that was defeated by a GOP-led filibuster on Tuesday and would have pumped billions into infrastructure and school construction, cut payroll taxes, give tax incentives to companies hiring laid-off workers and provide aid to ailing states. The move by Republican senators to unveil a more specific economic agenda comes at an urgent time for the GOP. A Washington Post-ABC News poll last week showed that the public gave the president a 15-point edge over congressional Republicans on the handling of the economy.

If you guessed the exact same shit that would cripple the middle-class and help the filthy rich that they’ve been trying to pass under any other name for decades, like destroying unions, a balanced budget amendment, lower taxes on the rich, and rolling back every regulation under the sun, you win! Bonus points for restrictions on birth control or abortion that will inevitably be thrown in.

Truly, conservatives are now ruled by sociopaths and monsters.

Update: I forgot to include senile has beens like John McCain who was caught saying this today defending the above ‘jobs’ bill: “We’d love to see, for example, a vote in the United States Senate on a moratorium on Federal regulations, which are coming out by the thousands, costing businesses billions and billions of jobs.” He sounds like Carl Sagan crossed with a brain damaged conservative.


  1. Randomfactor says

    If regulations have cost even ONE billion jobs, then the country’s unemployment rate is what, about 500 percent right now?

  2. otrame says

    That program will make a very few people very rich. The only jobs created by that is for groundskeepers on their enlarged estates.

  3. savagemutt says

    … and for that they’ll hire a bunch of mexicans without greencards.

    …while simultaneously funding astroturf organizations to blame those Mexicans for stealing American jobs.

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