1. Bruce says

    Taslima, I think you gave a good talk here. I thought the host meant well, but I feel he was not fully educated about freethought and humanism. He seemed to want to show he was good by tolerating everyone. But he forgot that it is not tolerance to tolerate the intolerant. You are right that when a person advocates terror and violence, we should not pretend that they are just a normal person with some interesting viewpoint. Thanks for your work.

  2. vidvatsenaa says

    Respected Dr.Taslima Nasreen,
    I saw your interview by ShekharGupta.
    First of all let me compliment you for giving a befitting reply to SG..
    He was trying to lead you into telling something stupid, but you smartly diverted it. SG doesn’t have the balls to call Owaisi and his cohorts as people opposed to freedom of expression.

    Nearly twenty years ago, Bhutan kicked out nearly one lakh sixty thousand people.
    Those people were ethnical Nepalis.

    Nepal refused to accept hem.

    Those people made numerous attempts to the Govt. of India to accept them .But the Governments led by PV Narasimha Rao, AB Vajpayee and others refused to accept them. All those people were forced to live in refugee camps for seventeen years. All those people are now scattered all over the world- USA, Canada , Australia, European countries etc

    There were no hue and cry by the folks in India to allow these people from Bhutan to settle in India.
    The reason- I dont know.
    But is it because those people were not followers of religion of peace ?….. Could be.!!!!!

    As the refugees from Bhutan were not allowed to stay in India, why should the Rohingya people be allowed to stay here?

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