An Indian girl was forced to marry a dog


An Indian girl was forced by a superstitious society to marry a dog.

I am not surprised. To get rid of evil spirit women often are forced to marry trees or animals. Genius has its limits, but stupidity has no limits.

In a deeply misogynistic society, probably it is better for women to marry dogs. It is better because dogs won’t abuse them or kill them. Dogs are definitely much more faithful than men.


  1. Biswajit Sarkar says

    I am not surprised to see such news.

    I know personally condition of some women are ever much poorer than this. Some husband are so abusive that if compare them with any animal animal will fell ashamed.

    Is it stupidity? I am not sure. But what I am sure is it is just misogynistic attitude.

  2. Alice says

    “Dogs are definitely much more faithful than men. ”

    More faithful than some men, not all men!
    Don’t vilify the an entire sex.
    But yeah religion is just unbelievably evil.
    Dammit I want to scream my lungs off at this stupid shit.
    So many years wasted, so many lives deluded and ruined.
    How cursed is mankind to be fooled by this garbage over and over again.

  3. BN says

    You’re mixing up your issues there.

    Yes, this incident(and this is just one of many) reveals the degree of superstition in Indian society. This practice is just something people do to loophole their way out of kundli problems. People(both men and women) are married to animals or trees to ward off any danger to the spouse and then married to a real person. Yes, it is bewilderingly stupid.

    But how do you get from THAT to misogyny and sexism? There are misogynistic and sexist practices (you are better informed about them more than I am.). This just is not one of them.

    And seriously? “… it’s better for women to marry dogs … Dogs are much more faithful than men”? How is that any different from the casually sexist remarks of Sam Harris? We expect better from you than rants like this.

    PS: Yes, ALL dogs are loyal. Without exception. Cheers.

    • Jeanette says

      Let Taslima say what she wants to say. I bet your a man, right? When are men forced to marry dogs?! Girls are forced to marry much, much older men in many third world societies. Also, in America, some women are basically forced to marry men due to their financial situation, or the fact that they don’t want to be single mothers. (I do NOT condone this at all, and would frankly rather be poor and on welfare than marry some guy for their money..) Every f’in society is misogynistic, from Africa to the USA. That, you cannot dispute, or challenge. Women like Taslima and I are fed up with the lousy treatment of women all over the world, and are speaking out. If you want to read an anti-feminist blog, there are certainly PLENTY of them on the web!

      • Goode says

        That, you cannot dispute, or challenge

        Yes, that can be disputed and challenged and shown to be bs.

        And in America, some men are forced to marry so that they can live with the children that women have tricked them into fathering (lying about birth control, etc.).

      • BN says

        No need to get defensive. I am not an “anti-feminist”. I am fully aware of mankind’s ages old misogynistic streak. Only problem : THIS particular incident is not a case of misogyny.

        I only pointed out that it’s kind of a non – sequitur to get anti-men regarding superstition.

        In answer to your question, yes, men too are married to trees and dogs. Google it(Even affluent Indians are not free from such superstition.). Married, as in, a purely formal ceremony is held to ward off the boy’s or girl’s astrological problems and then soon after married to human. This is what happened in this case, as well.

        Rationality is the one of the most important things that humanists of Taslima’s calibre need to uphold. So sweeping anti-men generalisations like the one she made are worthy of criticism. She has every right to voice her opinion and everyone else has a right to criticise it constructively.

  4. UJJAL says

    The literacy level of the whole country is reflected.
    The village head who gave this verdict, should be married off to a donkey as an award.

  5. NagalingamLakshminarayan says

    Indian society is steeped in superstition there is a belief that you keep a donkey image in your business outlet one will prosperAnother belief if a marriage is performed to two donkeys you will get rain it is a bad omen if a cat crosses while you leave. Now the media particularly TV plays havoc with paid programmes on astrology divine healing and most absurd remedies and expensive One fellow casually tell,the viewers to visit Benares Even the so called educated believe in all utter nonsense

  6. Monika Roy Chowdhury says

    I agree with BN. This particular incidence is an example of highly superstitious society. I have friends around who are suggested to marry a tree before marrying a guy to do away with he ‘MANGALIK DOSH’. This happens even in big metropolitan cities and not just in remote villages or illeterate communities.

  7. says

    viewing this picture of marriage. i should say something.
    No 1. marriage with dogs ?
    No 2. difference between Humans and animals ?
    No 3. Human sense ?
    No 4. Society ?
    No 5. Human Literacy level ?
    No 6. Religious factors ?

    what this image is showing is all above ?
    if i am wrong ? then make me clear about the image. that either this should happen viewing the above mentioned factors.
    is it the literacy of human being to marry a girl with dog ? what kind of factors/customs are involved ?

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